866A Tampines Street 83
#03-03 Tampines Central Community Complex
Singapore 521866

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10:30am - 05:00pm

10:30am - 05:00pm




10:30am - 05:00pm

10:30am - 05:00pm

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From the Burpple community

@puffsandpeaks has new donut flavours! These are kinako and gula melaka, black sesame and salt honey whip with peanut butter. Loved all of them especially the black sesame for the rich and black sesame flavour! The kinako gula melaka was a unique combination that worked better than I expected. Can't wait to order these again 😋

📍Puffs and Peaks

Price: $3.60 for donut, $3.50 for cinnamon roll (not sure if it's cheaper because of mass buy)

my school organised sales for puffs and peaks which is all the way in tampines so it was a must buy for me I got chocolate donut, lemon custard donut and a cinnamon roll

had covid so I didn't eat it fresh I ate it a day or two old so my review can take w a pinch of salt 🧂

ate the cinnamon roll first and it was rly up my alley swipe for cross section idk how cinnamon rolls are suppose to be but the bread is really brioche like vv soft but I like the top crunchy part the most and the nuts on top actually was q a good addition

but puffs and peaks famous for donuts so for choco donut honestly I think it's quite good it has A LOT of filling so it's dem satisfying when u are craving something sweet friend 1 says it's too sweet for me I think it's acceptable cus donut = sweet to me 👍 the lemon custard one is a bit more refreshing cus the sourness sort of cuts out the greasiness but I would prefer the chocolate one cus the lemon custard one is quite an acquired taste ngl for the donuts overall I find them a bit greasy but for donuts I guess it's alright

overall a satisfying experience esp since I have been hearing about them for the longest time definitely did not disappoint would buy again if it was convenient 🍩🍩

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Been meaning to try out @puffsandpeaks for the longest time & finally I’m able to snag a box of their classic donut box thanks to @pickupp.sg 🥳🥳

I’m not a east-ie so @puffsandpeaks is way too far from me😢 With just a touch of my fingers, I’m able to get these floofy donuts 🍩 delivered right to my doorstep🚪 + $5 OFF WHEN I USED THE CODE “FOODYDESSERTS” before checking out‼️

I was literally rejoicing! Now I don’t have to travel all the way to Tampines to get my sugary donut 🍩 cravings fixed 🤭 Heard 👂🏻 sooo many good reviews on @puffsandpeaks & had to try it for myself!😁

Finally bought it since @puffsandpeaks was on @pickupp.sg 🥳

Doughnuts / Donuts⁉️🤣🤣🤣

The donuts 🍩 were all very floofy, pillowy soft & most importantly, wasn’t greasy at all😋 It’s stuffed with generous amounts of filling😚 & was exploding as I tried tearing it🙈

@puffsandpeaks did their tea series really well😉 Tea 🫖 lovers, I’m sure you’ll love it too!!!❤️

My favourite was definitely the matcha!!!🍵 Enjoyed the robust matcha 🍵 flavour, you could taste 👅 that distinct earthiness with a rich umami & bittersweet profile🫶🏻 Not cloying👍🏻

Earl Grey also had a slightly bitter tea 🫖 taste 👅 with a slight nutty and milky undertone but very fragrant!👃🏻 You could even 👀 specks of tea leaves 🍃 incorporated into the cream🙌🏻

For the Hazelnut Praline Chocolate 🍫 and Blackcurrant Peanut 🥜 Butter🧈 donut, loved that nuttiness that came through😛 Wished that there’s more of that fLoWyY-crunchy peanut 🥜 butter 🧈 for the Blackcurrant Peanut Butter donut 🍩 though🥲 it was rlly yummyy but otherwise, that tartness from the jam complimented really well with the rich peanut butter 🧈

Vanilla donut & Chocolate 🍫 were the most classic idt you can ever go wrong with this!✌🏻

If I’m not wrong, flavours rotate every week🤟🏻

Featuring 📸
~ Classic Donut 🍩 Box (box of 6) $22

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Got some of @puffsandpeaks' relatively new items such as the Honey Mascarpone Cheesecake with Lemon Whip and Thyme Crust, Shitake Cheddar Focaccia Bar, Dark Chocolate Babka Roll and a Sour Cream and Chives Donut recently! I liked them all and my favourite was the honey mascarpone cheesecake because it had a unique flavours with the thyme crust! 😋😋


☁️ see full review on ig @nibsandgobs


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☁️ see full review on ig @nibsandgobs