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Purist Patisserie

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Purist Patisserie is a boutique patisserie located in the heartlands of Singapore. Using quality ingredients and a bit of creativity, we hope to create treats that you'll love.


From the Burpple community

Made with layers of strawberries, pistachios and a hint of basil, the cake was unfortunately a tad dry, even though the pistachio flavour still shines through. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to more new flavours from purist patisserie.


Their newest creation, Bao is made up of cereal milk, caramelised milk and chocolate popping candy and made to resemble liu sha bao. The caramelised cake indeed flowed when i cut the cake, even after its has been in the fridge for quite awhile. Taste wise, it was actually quite sweet for me but the chocolate popping candy does add some fun to the overall cake.
On the other hand, Wally Melon fell short on taste, the melon was masked over by the walnut, making it less enjoyable.
My favourite of the lot was Pink Panther, which consisted of rosewater, pomegranate, grapefruit and almonds. You could really taste all four components together in one bite, the fragrance of the rosewater, to the tartness of the pomegranate, the crunchiness of the almond, and ending of with the bitterness from the grapefruit. It's like an explosion of flavours in the mouth.

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Entremets constantly amazed me. There are so much complexity in making them usually. Layers after layers or portion within a portion. Located in the secret grounds of a private estate within hougang, purist serves very delightful entremets that are crafted with superior skills. The fleur is a combi of rose raspberry cream, white chocolate circlet and lychee miniature spherical sacs. Different dimensions within the dessert: the cream, pastry crust, tiny layer of cake etc. Definitely the most experiential dessert of them all.

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And like the ambience here, their cakes do not overpower your senses but their taste slowly grows on you. Especially the whiskey in the Whiskey Bar 😵. The grapefruit in the Pink Panther also balance out the sweetness of the cake very nicely.


The walnut melon cake is soft and cottony, and has a texture similar to that of a light Japanese cotton cheese cake.

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Whiskey bar is made up of 72% Valrhona Araguani, smokey black pepper mousse, and peated whisky. While the black pepper is subtle here, i like the fact that the mousse itself is creamy and smooth. Dig into the center to find the whiskey and have it with the chocolate mousse for a burst of flavours all together.
Despite the ulu location, i feel Purist Patisserie is a good place to chill with friends over the weekends.
Nearest Station: Kovan