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From the Burpple community

Soup was so flavourful, noodles were springy, beef slices were tender. Overall a pretty tasty bowl of Vietnamese noodles.

We visited on an early weekday evening and there was no queue at all, seats were easy to get for two of us.

If you’re craving for a flavour-packed bowl of hot, savoury soup and delicious tender beef, this is for you! For $6, you get a pretty big bowl with sliced beef and beef balls, plus a generous helping of beansprouts over kway teow noodles. It’s pretty quick too, so you won’t have to wait long if you want to order this.

I always find eating at this stall to be a fresh, fun experience. I’d suggest some of the cooler dishes if it’s a really hot afternoon, but you really can’t go wrong here.


I've been here a few times now, and I have to say it's a real value for money lunch spot. Quan Co Ba serves up fresh, delicious Vietnamese food for half the price you'd pay if you were in a regular sit-down restaurant, and they have everything you'd expect.

I personally enjoyed the grilled chicken with bee hoon ($6) the most - it's a deceptively simple name, and the bowl comes with a healthy portion of savory chicken, soft noodles, assorted vegetables and peanuts. It's surprisingly refreshing, and a great lunch on a hot day.

To put the price of food here into perspective, a super filling, toasty and fresh Bahn Mi is $5. A McGriddle a la carte is $5.40. Between the both of them, what you get here is more than worth it.


The Vietnamese craving has been real recently! And if there’s a spicy option on the menu, it’s a no-brainer for me. Quán Cô Ba’s second branch at Broadway Food Centre along Jalan Basar has a wide range of awesome Viet food all in a little coffeeshop stall. The spicy noodles is all kinds of fiery in a clear broth that’s just addictive, the tender beef slices are just a bonus. 😛


2nd time at this unassuming coffeeshop stall. The banh mi was crispy and tasty although I wish it could be slightly more filling. The dry noodles was a surprise find, managing to be both incredibly flavourful yet healthy and light with the generous amount of greens. Thumbs up!


Didn't have a good experience (found it too sweet and one-dimensional) with their pho previously, but their dry-style noodles earned great merit this time. I would normally go for the Pork option, but only Beef/Chicken are available here, and the grilled chicken thigh seemed so tempting from behind the glass display.

And it sure didn't disappoint. Well-marinated, tender flesh and crisp skin made it a delight to have on its own, and even better when the juices of the chicken seep into the bed of springy rice noodles beneath. Pour the accompanying nuoc cham, and get ready to experience an explosion of sweet, sour, savoury, flavours with a tinge of spice for extra oomph. Truly #cheapandgood, looks like this will be my go-to option whenever I need my Bun fix in future.