41 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 089003

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11:00am - 07:00pm

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From the Burpple community

The brie cheesecake has a white chocolate shell and inside is like a brie cream. It's actually really strong, there's almost as much funk as the real thing. I like brie and I like cheesecake, but I don't like that this dessert has this much funk. I don't think it works at all, particularly because it's not very sweet at all(except the white chocolate shell which also has a muted sweetness)

The red jam was nice, it's mildly sour, not too sweet, and the tartness from the raspberries paired well w everything. Sable cookies were nice too, quite some bite and it turns to powder after chewing.

I liked queic but this was not good, not for what most people expect from desserts. Probably this entire line of 4 adventurous flavours are all going to be too funky. Their signature, even tho it uses blue cheese, only has a very mild saltiness and it was absolutely lovely. Speaking of their signature they stopped selling the 4" tarts anymore, now the 4" is a slice which is much better in terms of ratio

Idiazabal Cheesecake $10
Gâteau Basque $10

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The Gateau Basque at Queic by Olivia had left a pretty lasting impression with me — so I had to say yes when a friend proposed heading over there for dessert. Wanted to go for the signature Olivia’s Homemade Cheesecake since I have yet to give that a try since forever, but found myself spoilt for choice when peering into their display fridge since everything looked so good. Was pretty torn between the Idiazabal Cheesecake and the Brie Cheesecake (there was an equally good looking Apple Cheesecake, though only the whole cake was available for purchase). After much deliberation though, we did ended up with the Brie Cheesecake so that the friend could try something new, and also since the Brie Cheesecake does seem to come in a much more manageable portion considering we have had a somewhat heavy lunch with dessert at Smith Street and Chinatown Complex Market.

Lovers of savoury cheese will love the Brie Cheesecake here — for a start, the Brie Cheesecake is presented in a wooden box akin to that of a small block of cheese. Digging into the cheesecake, it is undeniable how smooth, rich and luscious the entire cheesecake is — it’s incredibly light in terms of texture, as though they may have mixed in some cream cheese to get that consistency that is almost akin to eating a molten basque burnt cheesecake. For those who are more used to having other styles of cheesecake elsewhere, there is an evident hint of savouriness — or some might call, “stinky-ness” to the Brie Cheesecake; lovers of Brie and other cheeses alike will find this particularly alluring — it wasn’t too intrusive as well, considering how it is only mildly savoury in the body but still carries a creamy finish akin to the usual basque burnt cheesecake. To keep the cheesecake in shape, there seems to be a rather thin layer white chocolate running along the sides of the cake; it isn’t particularly noticeable when one has it together with the cake, but it does provide a light sweetness that somewhat gels to the cheesecake part. Overall, an experience that is undeniably brie and brie throughout — something that a true cheese lover will be especially fond for how it is pretty thoughtful.

Queic by Olivia consistently delivers in the realm of cheesecakes — we are all too used to the usual Japanese-style and New York-style Cheesecakes and Queic by Olivia opens the Singaporean palate to their own style of basque burnt cheesecakes with a dash of creativity and innovation. There is no denying how the quality of their cheesecakes are consistent all these while, and all the creations are a showcase of their skill, passion and expertise in the craft. It is pretty funny how a visit for their Olivia’s Homemade Cheesecake here always end up as a visit for something else whenever we are here, but we have never left being disappointed —perhaps I will get a chance on the Olivia’s Homemade Cheesecake another day!


$18.20 (inclusive of GST)
Cocoa almond sable, roasted hazelnut praline, crunchy fuilletine, dark chocolate cream (1 serving)

Nothing mind blowing compared to the original cheesecake - might want to skip this and just stick to the original cheesecake 🤞🏻


Just when you might think that cheese tarts are no longer in trend, Queic opened near their parent restaurant to sell this personal versions of Olivia Burnt Cheesecake (S$15.00) and other sweets (or savouries?).

Having tried the slices at Olivia restaurant, this cheesecake also had a very runny cheese that would ooze out when the base was broken. Unfortunately, I really liked the sliced version at Olivia better because I found this cheesecake base a little too thick for me. Maybe it was because it came in this size that resulted in the base thicker and harder.


Another glorious creation

This has a texture similar to cream cheese. There's strong ham/bacon undertones from the smokiness, so this is more savoury than their signature, but it's still incredibly good.

It's glazed with clear pastry glaze, made with pectin from Apple. Not sure what they do here but even the glaze is delicious, we thought it's honey at first.