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From the Burpple community

The dish was a delight to eat, and you can tell from the picture that the prawns and cuttlefish used were of high quality. Only downer was that there was not enough “kwayteow” 😂

Doesn’t look like other “normal” bowls of Tom Yum, BUT... the seafood used here felt more premium and fresh. Taste of the soup also packed more punch, and left us wanting for more.

This dish was full of thick, juicy crab meat, accompanied with fluffy scrambled eggs fried with yellow curry and onions. I loved this one more than the "must-try" crabmeat omelette, probably because this dish had stronger flavours from the curry and onions. 4 full grown adults had difficulty finishing this dish, not because it wasn't nice, but because of the sizable amount of crab meat used in this dish! do consider ordering this if you are on an empty stomach, or in a bigger group

This mound of egg and Crab-meat was skillfully prepared by continually mushing together eggs and crabmeat- it was a highly manual process... Which explained the 4 hours wait time which we had to endure before getting to taste this uber delicious dish! It might look plain like the restaurant, but boy does it pack a punch! (just take a look at the generous serving of crab meat in the omelette) Do avoid coming after 3pm, or you will face a potential 4 hour wait like we did

Prawn stir-fried with coconut shoot and chili paste, topped on rice; 500-600 Baht;

1 Star (Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018, 2019)

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Crab meat omelet; 1,000 Baht;

1 Star (Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018, 2019)

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