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From the Burpple community

My friends weren’t big fans of the pasta but I quite fancied its creamy, nutty and herby flavours. Big props to the service though! I loved our waitress, super attentive and friendly!⁣

💬 No one could vouch for the mutton fried rice 🥴 ⁣

I’d definitely be interested in trying all their funky pizzas 🍕

This restaurant-bar on the quieter side of SS15 checks all the boxes for fun dinners with foodie friends: good service, interesting fusion dishes to share and fresh cocktails. Burppler Jamri Aizat is a big fan of the pizzas here, such as the Chilli Chicken & Pineapple Pizza (RM26) which he claims will convince you that pineapple does have a place on pizza. Burppler Joey Tin swears by the Wok Fried Pan Mee With Spicy Tuna (RM28) for its unique twist – homemade egg noodles and marinated spicy tuna that works strangely well together. Wash it all down with the nutty and chocolaty Bailey’s Balenciaga (RM38).
Photo by Burppler Joey Tin

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Eggplant & Wild Mushrooms (RM24) and Chili Chicken & Pineapple (RM26). Definitely loving Chili Chicken & Pineapple pizza especially the spicy sauce on top mixed with greek yogurt. If you don’t think pineapple deserve to be on a pizza, then this might change your mind. It’s an interesting twist of Hawaiian pizza, and definitely have to eat with coriander garnish. The grilled eggplants mixes well with the shiitake, chestnut and oyster mushroom. A harmony of earthy flavours on one thin, crispy dough. I’m coming here again with friends for the pizza. Perhaps we’ll try the mains too next time 😉

My favourite of the night: grilled pomfret (cooked ikan bakar style) served with white rice, spicy four angled beans and a tangy sambal on the side. The fish is cooked perfectly; there’s some smokiness that’s steeped into the skin, and the meat is super moist. Have it with the tomato salad for some freshness against all the heat. This dish can be shared by two!

This reminds me so much of ayam percik! No yellow rice but instead a delicious spicy garlic fried rice, topped with a skewer of grilled peppers. The chicken was perfectly roasted and doused in a thick and spicy curry – I can’t tell what it is but it’s good!

Subang’s latest Malaysian fusion restaurant is special indeed. The menu has everything from rice dishes to skewers and their take on pizzas, which are done really well. Get this one if you love a spicy and sweet flavour combo.