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From the Burpple community

Dropped by for brekkie because this was really near our Airbnb apartment. (In my humble opinion... don't bother with Airbnb in HK because it doesn't seem to be much cheaper than hotels + we had an insane time locating our apartment due to the obscurity of the street signs.) HK breakfast sets are HUGE! I had the satay beef noodles, which is nothing like satay in Singapore. It tasted more like sliced beef stir fried in oyster sauce. But it was not bad! This came with toast + eggs (you get to choose between scrambled and sunny side up) and a beverage. I thought the scrambled eggs here were really good!! Texture-wise, they were also gooey like ADC's... In fact, I'd say they were creamier! And more importantly, less salty (though still a tad saltier than I would have liked). This place also has a more extensive menu but only the breakfast sets are available in the morning.


This place was an authentic 茶餐厅as it was filled with many locals, both ordering in and taking out for their breakfast while walking to their workplace. The 菠蘿包 and cheese tart was surprisingly the best items that we tried as the bun was served with butter (over ice, so that it doesn’t melt) and the cheese tart was as good as those from BAKE.

The drinks were good - we had a yuanyang and normal milk tea and they were served with no sugar so that we can add the level of sugar then we desired. The drinks were thick and rich.

This costed us about SGD20 and it was worth every penny.