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From the Burpple community

It’s hard to find old school carrot cake these days and I was lucky to chance upon this store at Redhill Market! The carrot cake is available at $3/$4/$5. It seems like they make their own carrot cake as it has a soft texture. Even tho I ordered the $3 portion, they are still very generous with the portion!✨

Ice Kachang ($1.70) is cheap dessert selling market compared to other places. I like their multi-coloured syrup and condensed milk mixed with corn topping on top of Ice Kachang. They put a lot of colourful jellies and attap chee inside Ice Kachang.

Comfort food meal! The soup was really sweet with the fragrance of the fishballs. The fishballs were just average but the meepok was pleasantly good - I got the meepok with tomato sauce since I don’t enjoy chili/spicy stuff and I liked how tasty and rightly flavoured it was (for lack of a better description!). Not too salty or bland. Will be back!

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6 pieces for $4, very tasty and slightly sweet broth 😋 I’m always on the lookout for cheaper dingtaifung alternatives and I think this makes a great option. Other than this place there’s a few good ones at Chinatown too!

Famed for the fact that our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong queued for the food here, I had high expectations when I visited.
The beehoon and fishcake were decent but the chicken wings totally stole the show for me. They’re so crispy and marinated very tastily. Will be back for more!


Open only on tues and thursday, very chillax owners :)

Items are priced at 60cents each with a minimum order of 6 pieces. Other than the vegetables (bitter gourds, etc) most of their items have⭐ fish/pork meat paste with coriander🌿 and onions🌿 mixed in it.⭐

The soup is really clear, gives you a feeling of deep cleansing after drinking.

A great point to note: there is very little MSG, you won't get thirsty from eating or drinking soup!

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