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From the Burpple community

Got this at night. At night it's really horrendous, not much crisp, and very greasy, plus it's cold.

And for the portion, it's quite pricey


The sambal was unique but not particularly good, overall it's somewhat dry and clammy.

The pork lard was absolutely terrible, and it's an annoyance that there's so many little pieces to remove.

Overall it's alright, the soup has meat wantons inside but that's not v good either


Textbook. Every component from the rice to the tender ckn, is very simple and well executed.

Sauce was sweet and savoury, quite mild but works

Soup was peanut and ckn feet, pretty good too

Worth a try if textbook, clean ckn rice is your thing

Char siew was lean and abit dry, rice was normal despite looking like yam rice. Duck was pretty average too, there's a bit of flavour but it's somewhat tough and the skin wasn't crispy

The sio bak is the highlight here, it's got a thin hard crisp and it's very fatty so quite flavourful.

Pork stomach was quite overcooked, it's cracked and is mushy, and pepper soup was also way too spicy to taste anything from the peppers

Can try the siobak, but no need to make a special trip

Bouncy, and disintegrates when you put it in your mouth

The chye poh was strong, savoury, salty, and very sweet. The chili was intense too, it's the spiced kind but there's a bit of savouriness too.

However it's quite oily, and the chili tends to overpower everything else

Overall still pretty good, just take not it's not the same Redhill chwee Kueh stall I think

As with heartland places, the ingredients were super generous for the same price. I almost had more ingredients than porridge, no complaints

Sliced pork was tender, pork meatballs were quite unique actl, there's some bounce and it's quite big and meaty.

Century egg doesn't have much flavour though, and nothing lend the base much flavour. Base was cooked until there's no grains, somewhat watery consistency too

Not too bad

P.s. the lady boss is old and so does not have a good memory, please don't ask for add ons or customisations

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