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Serangoon Garden Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee - this is the kind of wet hokkien mee that you are looking for. The $4 portion was pretty substantial, and the broth used to make the dish is definitely flavourful!

Bedok 511 Chicken Wings - this is one stall not to be missed as the chicken wings ($1.40 each) are crispy on the edges, and yet smoky. The chicken and pork satay ($0.70 each) are really good as well, as they were tender, succulent and well marinated. Actually better than the ones I've had at Bedok 85!

A simple bowl of spinach soup ($3.50) chock full of ingredients! Impressed with how clear the soup is despite the strong flavours.

Best part of this mee hoon kueh ($4) was definitely its chewy, hand-pulled noodles!! Portion was really generous, with both lean & minced meat. The soup has a natural sweetness and none of the usual thirst-inducing msg!

😋 Tasty mee pok (S$3). Nice al dante noodle texture and delicious fish ball and soup. Recommend 👍.⠀

Ru Ji Kitchen (01-25)
Redhill Food Centre
85 Redhill Lane
Singapore 150085

☺ Breakfast vegetarian bee hoon with curry vege and crispy bean curd skin. Simple and yummy!

Ji Xiang Ru Yi Vegetarian (01-31)
Redhill Food Centre
85 Redhill Lane
Singapore 150085

The ingredients were all rather fresh and tasty, and I liked the handmade fishballs and meatball best! The soup was also very light and clean-tasting. My family returned for another meal a week after!