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Into The Sawah — literally paddy field in Indonesian/Malay — is gorgeously made with rice from Tegalalang, beautifully meaty snails, frog abon (Indonesian-style meat floss), that divine sous vide duck egg yolk, and studded delicately with wild flowers and fern. I want to eat this every day. Ok, that's all.


I decree that everyone must try @restaurantlocavore at least once in their life. It is truly an unforgettable gourmet experience that beautifully showcases the beauty of Bali's myriad of produce, and the precision of flawless culinary (and service) execution. And we've not even started on the actual menu. Yup, all these (and a few others I forgot to capture) are just the "amuse bouche". Those grilled mangoes are probably what divine means. Ok, that's all.

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Harmonious combination of flavours from
ice-cream-like frozen coconut rice porridge, a tangy chilli mango sorbet, mango slices quick pickled in mango vinegar and crispy rice.

Taste: 4/5


To say that I’m impressed with the quality and creativity of the cocktails at Locavore and sister bar Night Rooster would be a mild understatement. There’s an immaculate balance in the concoction of homemade berry preserve shaken with berry syrup, Wild Turkey Bourbon, homemade red vermouth, kampung egg white and dash of bitters.

The dominant sweet and fruity flavours are complemented perfectly by the mildly medicinal notes of vermouth and bitters, resulting in an exceedingly easy to quaff cocktail that’s not without legs.

Taste: 4/5


The pre-desserts just keep coming – plush balls of sweet purple potato donuts dusted in sugar and filled with oozy chocolate ganache. Bordering on saccharine sweet, but utterly delicious.

Taste: 3.5/5


Looking very much like a table ornament, this is one of the more "out there" pre-desserts we were served. The admittedly eye-catching flaming red hibiscus flower with a roselle tea gel sitting in its center is supposed to be consumed in a single mouthful. We were instructed to drink the syrupy roselle juice contained within the vase that held the flower afterwards. I found the whole affair too floral and sweet for my liking.

Taste: 3/5