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From the Burpple community

Absolutely love the salted egg dishes here ◡̈ The squid was fresh, cooked to perfection and was coated with just the right amount of salted egg. Equally outstanding was the salted egg chicken. A must try!

A must try If you are a #saltedeggyolk fan. The light and fluffy freshly made #tofu goes supremely well with the #saltedegg sauce. The sauce was steamed till la custard like much #yums here!! Yet another surprisingly good flavour combination from Auntie Fatso!!

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Lots of doubt when we were recommended this dish. #cheese with #beehoon?? Thankfully it tasted really great and had everyone going for seconds!!

I liked the beehoon and the gravy. It wasn't too cheesy or "gelat". The river prawns, however, were a little powdery in my opinion.

P.S. It was so difficult to get a table because the queueing system doesn't seem clear if you've never been here before. But you have to get a number from the wait staff and sit on the seats next to the shop to wait.

#halfeatenblog #auntyfatso #prawn #beehoon #cheese #noodles #seafood #burpple

Four different #vegetables stir fried in a spicy #sambal #blechan sauce! A mix of #okra, #Longbeans,#brinjal and #onions!

So fresh!! Everyone was fighting for a piece of this #soonhock!!