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Ended our Ipoh day trip with seafood in Tualang. Unfortunately the signature Tualang Udang Galah is sold out. As there is a lot of pond nearby, there are a number of seafood restaurant around. This was recommended by my friend. Taste of the dishes are good, but seafood wasn't tip top fresh. Nevertheless, we still enjoy our dinner. Price: RM44 per pax, Food: 7/10

It's a must eat if you do visit Perak/Ipoh.

The prawn meat was springy, plump and juicy. You can tell it's fresh when the prawn meat falls off the shell easily.

There are a few restaurants selling this famous dish, and can be pricey for tourists! Do visit Jin Hua for fresh prawns at reasonsble price!

still the best I had so far! .
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I hate those "lembik" prawn being served in Chinese restaurant so I seldom eat them. But I would drive all the way to tanjung tualang with phone connection showing "no service"... In order to have fresh steamed prawns! U can see these live prawns swimming in the aquarium too! The prawns come with different price per kg based on your choice of prawn size : RM115 (big), RM85 (medium big) and RM88 (medium)