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From the Burpple community

Don't you hate it when you order a truffle dish and you don't taste even a hint of truffle? NOT WITH THIS DISH because you definitely smell and taste the truffle oil. The mushrooms were sautéed perfectly and were really yummy. I expected the sauce/base to be more like an aglio olio pasta dish but it tasted like mac and cheese instead so I'd ask them to cut back on the cheese if you don't want your pasta to be too heavy.

Eggs were cooked very nicely, the amount of sauce was just right. The bacon was not too salty and the bread was crispy and warm. Salad was fresh. I enjoyed their service as well. Will certainly want to come back again.


Sis had this and i wished i had too haha. She customised it at the highest spice level and it was shioks! The angel hair pasta made the dish light and savoury.


I like that the sauce was sufficient to mix thoroughly with the spaghetti. But halfway through i felt it was too creamy and 'jelak'. They were generous with the chicken chunks though.


The shredded crabmeat strewn across the Eggs Benedict immediately reminded me of the dried teeny whitebait that's usually paired with plain congee, quite similar in taste and texture. The hollandaise sauce was a setback though, maybe it was overpowered by the saltiness of the crabmeat but I thought it was thin and tasteless. I've never had crumpets before so I'm not sure how to judge but they seem to be similar to muffins but less dense? Overall I would say this EB was mediocre.


It was not oily and I loved the combination of the spicy kick where you can choose the level of the spiciness, together with the zesty lime that added a nice touch to compliment the dish. So satisfying!