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Hotel Lobby Marina Bay Sands Tower 1
Singapore 018956

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Reviews of good food at Rise (Marina Bay Sands)

Came here with my family for reunion and to celebrate my mum's bday. Was very pleased with their service despite a relatively huge crowd. The staff were prompt and attentive and even provided a complimentary slice of cake. The spread was surprisingly extensive, but the asian spread (saturday's special) were kind of disappointing. The seafood were not at its freshest as well, but the dessert is a not to be missed. Overall it was a very good experience.


Even if that bay is Marina Bay. haha. Thankfully, the buffet spread at Rise at Marina Bay Sands doesn’t disappoint with its with an amazing seafood platter.
Usually the most popular station of every buffet, its not hard to see why. For $52 dollars for lunch and $72 for dinner, diners are treated to a ravishing and vibrant seafood feast. An organized mess, the jewels available during lunch are plump scallops served in half shell, sweet shrimp and delicious mussels. During dinner you get the addition of fresh crab legs and fat oysters as well. Throw in some classic condiments like American-style cocktail sauce, horseradish and whipped dijonnaise and you get a mighty fine start to your meal.
Rise also has a really good cold cut and western main sections. Their asian selection is no slouch but its a bit limited and nothing really out of the ordinary. Save your tummy for the seafood and the desserts specifically their bread and butter pudding :D
Like many buffets, Rise has a daily themed dinner from Tuesdays to Saturdays — Seafood, American feast, Barbecue, Mediterranean and Local fare to top it off. Personally I would pick Tuesdays and Thursday ;) #BurppleBestBuffets


If you think the international spreads at buffets are overdone, Rise may restore your faith in all-you-can-eat meals again with their themed dinners. Rise themes its buffet dinner ($72 per person) from Tuesdays to Saturdays — visit on Tuesdays for seafood, Wednesdays for an American Feast, Thursdays for a smoky barbecue, Friday for Mediterranean and Saturday for good old Singaporean fare. Burppler Keropok Man visited on a Thursday and enjoyed watching his meats and veggies cooked over charcoal just outside the restaurant, and he also praised the mahi-mahi, skirt steak T-bone lamb.
Avg Price: $75 per person
Photo by Burppler Catherine Ling

Thursdays (tonight) is Backyard Barbeque night. Part of the buffet has meats and veggies BBQ-ed over charcoal just 10 metres outside the restaurant. I love the mahi-mahi and skirt steak tonight. The roasted cauliflower is great too so are my fav colourful capsicums. They also have t-bone lamb which is seldom served in SG.


Then dip the cheese naan into the laksa gravy. You'll want to eat more but please leave room in your tummy for so many other food at the @marinabaysands #RiseMBS theme buffets. Tonight's theme is Backyard Barbeque.


Had a dinner buffet there - spread was good and the food was, of course, delicious. Dessert selection was something I personally enjoyed a lot (the mango sorbet was fantastic!), and the dining atmosphere was a big plus as well, although it could get a tad noisy.

Check out Patisserie Platine by @wakughin at MBS for these ethereal Japanese European sweets that are so intense but light! Review up on Active link in bio!

The crazy amount of oysters I took. Ain't afraid of any food poisoning because they are sooooo fresh! This was only one plate, I took multiple more plates after. But of course, proceed with caution. Too much oysters (no matter how fresh), may cause tummy upset!


Rise is my parents' favorite to go place for buffets since MBS opened. They serve up a good variety of food - cold seafood, sashimi, sushi, soups, appetisers, cheeses, hot dishes, breads, fruits and desserts. Sadly, I personally feel that the standards have dropped over the years. I especially miss the pastas they used to serve! Unique pastas like squid ink, triple cheese, gnocchi etc. have now been swopped to a standard menu for diners to choose from (aglio, cream, pesto, etc.). Service is attentive and friendly even during the peak periods.

Info credits to MBS' website:
Daily breakfast buffet: 6:30am - 11:00am
$41++ per adult | $22++ per child

Daily lunch buffet: 12:00pm - 2:30pm
$52++ per adult | $24++ per child

Daily dinner buffet: 6:00pm - 10:30pm
$72++ per adult | $38++ per child

All day a-la carte menu:
11:00am - 12:00am

Refreshing, zesty and smooth lemon curd encased in a tart base (which I found a tad too thick and hard -- I like it more crumbly, personal preference) atop a layer of olive oil sponge and finished with torched sweet meringue and lemon peel.


My first impression was "what the shit, did I just pay $12 to eat nothing?!?!" Just like the decorative silverish chocolate feather sitting atop the dainty white dome -- the cheese mousse was super light and airy with a citron jelly centre, and a butter sable base. The flavor and texture of the entire cake was skillfully and delightfully well balanced 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 just shut up and take all my money 👐🏻👐🏻👐🏻👐🏻


Cocktail with a concoction of umeshu, rosee champagne and... Refreshing on the palate with a hint of floral scent. Perfect pairing with the rose gold apple watch!


These tarts are the bomb. I always look for them when I visit Rise restaurant. So much goodness packed in a small tart. And to think I'm writing this post at midnight with a grumbling stomach.. More at

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Rise restaurant has tons of dessert for you to enjoy! I took as many as my stomach could handle.. They even have a honeycomb station for you to scrape honey off, that is so so cool. More at

These oysters were de-shelled on the spot before being served! They can't be more fresh. More at

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