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And when you finally found it, you will realise that they revamped their menu recently. If you had missed out on their Mentaiko Soft Shell Crab Burger previously, sorry, you're not getting them anymore.

Introducing Finding Rokeby (S$26.90), a fillet of spiced salmon with lobster curry sauce, asparagus and carrot. Well, creative in the use of the sauce to create a lobster bisque-style curry there, and thanks for having a low-carb option for the calorie-conscious. But since it didn't quite fill my stomach, I think, it's not so worth the price tag.


mentaiko soft shell crab (deep fried soft shell crab with mentaiko mayo, fish flakes, seaweed, lettuce atop charcoal bun) and fries

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Mentaiko Soft Shell Crab burger ($20.90)

While tasty, I felt that the price was rather steep for what it was. The truffle fries were really ordinary though, just the usual shoestring fries that were almost on the soggy side.

As for the starters, the escargots were great. Loved the garlicy sauce that had a very pronounced flavour, with the escargots served while still in their shells. Not a fan of the foie gras though, felt the sauce was a little too sweet?

Had a little taste of the two other mains that we ordered, and I'm not a fan of the squid ink risotto either. But their "Stacked up burger" was fairly well done, with a substantial patty to boot.

Overall, pretty decent food for a cafe, but to be very honest, it's nothing extraordinary.

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Ignoring the loud music in the restaurant at 7pm on a Saturday evening, I found myself pleasurably savouring the taste of this Mentaiko Soft Shell Crab Burger (S$20.90). The soft shell crab is fried to the point that the batter remains crisp between the buns and the seafood is juicy. The mentaiko sauce and the bonito flakes give it that extra savoury flavour while the charcoal bun is solid enough to balance the taste a little. Remind me next time to ask them to go easy on the salt for the fries.

If there's one thing I learnt, don't be ambitious and order a non-meat for Benedict's unless it has been tried and tested or you know for sure that the condiment will be good. The portobello was slightly hard and chewy, was rather bland in taste, and was watery (probably from preparation) which made the toast soggy :/ the hollandaise sauce here is unlike the normal ones, having a more yellow colour and tasted less gelat than the usual which was a plus. But just order a more normal type of benedict like with ham or bacon or salmon.

Heartiness (portion): 3.5/5
Tastiness (product): 2/5
Worthiness (price): 4/5



Overly sweet and lacking any matcha fragrance, it tasted very much like a melted matcha kit kat: way too much white chocolate and none of that bittersweet complexity. It tasted really artificial. Between the two of us, we barely finished half.