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From the Burpple community

Highly recommend this. Centrally located at Tokyo Station and affordable (~$10). Got the half portion and changed half to egg as a customised order with the waiter. Worth it. Will be back for this.

This store is situated at the tokyo ramen street. Location is as above. I arrived amid lunch time and the line was long however it was justified regardless of the hold up! This is a standout amongst the most popular tsukemen ramen in Tokyo. The noodle is not the same as the other ramen noodles. It is thick like yellow noodles and it is as nice as other noodles that i have eaten in Japan. All the pleasant, chewy and springy goodness! the soup broth is made with chicken bones, dried baby sardines, mackerel pieces and bonito flakes, alongside vegetables. It seems like alot of soup base involves dried sardines in the making process. Anyways this is yummy too! You may want to check out tokyo character street too when you're there

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Thick, chewy noodles perfect for dunking into the rich and creamy dipping soup. Made from pork and chicken bones, dried baby sardines, smoked mackerel and bonito flakes simmered for hours on end, the soup is full of deep complexity and addictive as hell. The egg and chashu are on point as well. Expect to queue for up to 20 minutes at this highly rated establishment that’s popular with locals and tourists alike in Tokyo station’s Ramen Street. The portion is large, so share a bowl in order to save space for more food elsewhere.

Taste: 4/5