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Roll Up

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The most mouth-watering kebabs in town! Piping hot, and rolled to perfection. They come to you fresh, succulent and quick – straight from our unique charcoal tandoor. Oh, and wash β€˜em down with some ice-cold beer – we house a select collection from around the world.


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It's kebab.
Chicken Pahaadi (green Poulet) πŸ’š -$12.30
An upcoming flavour from one of my favourite kebab wrap places. The overnight marination using green herbs is what gives this boneless chicken leg its colour. You may either have this green poulet rolled up in a wrap or have it just like this, the kebab style. Personally, i prefer it rolled up. Keep a lookout for the 4 new additions coming up end-Aug. πŸŽ‰
Psst. All alcoholics out there, this place is going to expand their bar area to house more of you. 🍻 They also offer wifi and there is a pokestop here. You gotta catch 'em all.
Thank you @rollupsg for having me!
πŸ“76 Circular Road S049430
Mon-thur: 12pm-11pm
Fri: 12pm-1am
Sat: 5.30pm-1am
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Let's make a guess which one is my favourite Kebab? "Roll Up Singapore" do served a huge variety of Kebab or Kebab Rolls ranging from spicy, non-spicy or even vegetarian at an affordable price. Hurry now! Head down to @rollupsg to try their Kebab or Kebab Roll soon!! #jacelynadverts #rollupsg #burpple

@rollupsg has up the kebab game.
I had their "Traditional Chicken Tikka Kebab Roll served w masala fries($11)." A totally whole new concept which differs from the one you bought at Pasar Malam.
The Kebab roll which @rollupsg served is fresh charcoal fried tandoor. The chicken is marinated evenly & tastes so good with the soft wheat kind of wrap. Their in-house masala fries is the bomb; not too spicy & the seasoning is so good. #jacelynadverts #rollupsg #burpple

The wrap looks deceptively small but it was so densely packed with meat (it was quite heavy, no kidding!) that it was really filling in the end #notcomplaining. Plus those killer masala fries, yum! #foodspotting #foodporn #foodstamping #burpple


Featuring generous chunks of fish marinated overnight in yogurt based mic of zesty flavors, before slow cooked in a charcoal clay tandoor and hand-rolled in a soft flour wrap with their in house mint sauce, onion & lettuce. They are pretty generous with their portions, with 85% meat and 15% vegetables.

You can add S$3.00 to make it a combo with those addictive Masala fries that are tossed with their in house blend of 5 different spices, served with their in house mint sauce and soft drink of your choice; OR get a beer (Asahi, Sol, Kingfisher) together with your kebab roll for S$20! Super delicious!


[ Roll Up ] [ Food Tasting ] [ 76 Circular Road ]
Fucking Hell -$5++
. 🍾🍷🍾🍷🍾🍷🍾🍷🍾🍷🍾🍷🍾🍷🍾🍷
As the name suggested it's really F***** GOOD.
It has that unique taste that's not found in normal beer!!
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