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Fragrant. Not much red bean. The worst thing is it's pricier than my noodles!

Quality noodles. Wantons had a bit too much skin but still okay. Watch out, the chilli oil has a good punch. It's just cucumber but it's worth mentioning it really helped to freshen up the meal.

6 xlbs for $4! The skin was thin enough and there was enough soup in each xlb. Only gribe was that the meat disintegrated very quickly when chewed/was slightly mushy.

$4 for 6 xlbs. Despite hearing good reviews on this, I personally do not really like it because of the strong ‘pork smell’. It was abit too much for me. The skin was good though, with a good anount of soup. Ryan likes it but I didn’t so taste-wise is quite subjective. Wouldn’t mind trying out their other dishes next time though!

⭐️ 1/5 for nat, 4/5 for ryan

Dumpling Noodles ($4.00) soup base is very refreshing and for dumpling fillings contain chives and meat.

Scallion oil noodles (葱油拌面) ($3.00) The noodles was being boiled over hot water. They put soya sauce first on the base of the bowl before putting noodles inside the bowl to mix with sauce. After putting and mixing noodles with soya sauce, topped with fried onions and spring onions. Its quite addicting to eat finish for scallion oil noodles.

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