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10:30am - 07:30pm

10:30am - 07:30pm

10:30am - 07:30pm

10:30am - 07:30pm

10:30am - 07:30pm

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10:30am - 07:30pm

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From the Burpple community

Pretty worth it. Rice is not included. We paid about $15 for the set and one rice. Soup is a little salty but overall still yummy.

Used the 1 for 1 deals and it was so worth except that it does not come with the rice so you hv to top up 1 dollar for tat! Soup was great, the right amt of peppery, however i wished the dough fritters were alit more crispy!

Nestled in Punggol Waterway Point is Rong Hua BAK Kut Teh, serving up rich peppery BKT which would leave you rejuvenated! 🤩 Perfect for the rainy day today! 🌧
Can’t go wrong with @ronghuabkt's signature Pork Ribs Soup ($7.90/$9.90 for Regular/Large)! 🔥 Add $1/$2 for 1/2items such as pig's stomach, liver, kidney & tenderloin! 👌🏻
Painstakingly boiled for many hours with big bones 🐷, garlic, star anise & Sarawak white peppercorn, I can assure you that you would be asking for refills of that robust-tasting soup! 🥣 The kind of comforting bowl that is perfect for cold rainy days with a bowl of white rice!
Speaking of rice 🍚, I couldn't tell that the rice was made with @alchemy_foods Alchemy Fibre! 😉 A patented ingredient made from plants, it is high in prebiotic fibres which improves gut & heart health! ✔ It also yields a slower digestion rate 👍🏻 without compromising on taste & texture. Definitely a healthier option! 💯
Complete your meal with their zichar & braised dishes! Be it their Steamed fish tail with Special Bean Paste Sauce ($22.80) 🐟, Spinach With Top Shell Abalone ($12.80) 🌟, or Braised Chicken Feet with Beancurd Skin ($7.50), they all go perfectly with the rice made with Alchemy Fibre! 👍🏻

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Simmered with spices and brimming with tender pork ribs, a heartwarming bowl of Bak Kut Teh is just what you need on rainy days. Opt for their value-for-money set that consists of their signature Regular Pork Rib Soup, a side of braised peanuts or salted vegetables and choice of drinks (barley, lime juice or iced lemon tea) at just $11.90.
Photo by Burppler Louisa Lau

*Eligible for 1-for-1 Takeaways till 30th June


Returned here for their awesome tender Pork Ribs and Kidney BKT!

The kidney pieces are thick and juicy, unlike some others which are thin and small. The kidney is served with it being cooked just right - cooked, yet have a bite to it. The meat on the pork ribs is has a generous thick amount of meat (as seen in the pic). The meat is tender and has a good thin layer of fat all around accompanying the lean meat! 👍👍

The liver, though was ok; nothing to rave about.

I like that the soup base here has some herbal aroma, and it’s not too peppery. I ordered “L” portions for each of the 3 items.

A must to visit BKT store!

This is still my favourite BKT, and in my opinion one value-for-money vs other BKT.

I have here the Premium Loin Ribs (regular), Kidney (large) and Liver (large) soup. Definitely satisfied my craving for good BKT, especially after last evening’s less satisfying BKT from another BKT chain.

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