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From the Burpple community

Come back to try their pour over (another local bean from Tak). The last time we tried Huay Nam Khun and this time it is “Chang Pao”: Complex, Blueberry Jam and plum like acidity. We feel it is lighter than Huay Nam Khun and up to one’s taste bud.

Fancy name for this croissant. Anyway, @rootsbkk is a local specialty coffee and we love their coffee!! Do try something else other than bear claw as it’s a bit dry.

The perfect combination between craft beer & concentrated cold brew with the blend of Honey (Chang Pao’s farm), homemade lemonade & sparkling water Barista Donutt totally win us over. Topped with dried lemon. This is crowned the most refreshing cold brew we taste so far! 🍺☕️🍯🍋

Local Beans: Huay Nam Khun
Sweet.Praline.Prune like acidity