[CLOSED] Roots Kitchen Bar

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Back to basics. Fresh ingredients, hot pans, and sharp knives. Fine dining made casual.

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I should have taken a before photo as this was beautifully presented but it was too good so I ate it. Amazing place will come again

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The smoked duck squid ink pasta was really good! Mixing up that poached egggg~~~~ It just make you slurping for more. Pasta was cooked well and squid ink was really thick and sticky. (P.S. not a good dish for your first date 🙄)

Sweet potato fries ($15) - loaded with stew pork, jalapenos and feta cheese!! The fries are baked with alot of cheese melted on it so they are not as crispy but it taste pretty awesome still!

Porcini mushroom rice ($18) - Italian rice cooked with yellow boletes, oyster mushrooms, black fungus and porcini with shaved parmigano. Thought the rice would be as soft as risotto; but it wasnt... BUT, the whole makeup with the ingredients mentioned gave it a very fragrant and additive taste!

Btw, Everything is nett, no GST no service charge!Sadly, the boss would be leaving soon and the main dishes will no longer be served.. so do check it out before oct ends!


The crab pasta arrived looking simple and unpretentious without any strong colours or fancy plating, just a good portion of Capellini topped generously with crabmeat chunks and garnished with a single slice of turnip. But, it was very delicious.
Like its presentation, the flavors in this dish were less intense and more subtle. The sauce base used in this pasta is a delicate lobster bisque that managed to exude a light umami flavor with a hint of tomato without being salty. The crabmeat chunks were fresh and tasted like they were cooked in a good soup stock rather than just being steamed. I will be back again!
Roots Kitchen Bar
30 Dickson Road
Daily (except Tue) 11am to 11pm
+65 6291 5679
#freewifisg and #pokestop available!


Hearty parmigiano risotto with seasonal baby root vegetables at this slightly far out joint in Little India. Hearty and earthy, but everything just felt a tinge too stodgy on the palate.


With a touch of fusion. Braised cabbage, mustard seed and grape compote, a little light and sweet with the pork done perfectly, not too tough yet firm, with a little crisp added to the edges. It's a truly hidden gem!

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Served on waffles which are super crispy. Would have preferred it if it's a little less crispy but nonetheless still good. The portion was good too. Loved how the hollandaise sauce drenched the whole egg. I made a mess out of this. Not to forget, the parma ham. Every portion of this was generous and I'm missing this!!!

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