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I gave the yam buns from the Roti/DJ Bakery/The Bread Club chain of bakeries a second chance and unfortunately still found it too sweet and too processed. Hence, despite their generous fillings and cheap price, I probably would steer clear of the yam buns from now on.

Perhaps Roti's best-kept secret is that instead of buying the larger red bean bun from their display at $0.60, buy the pack of 6 buns for $2.60 instead, amounting to an average of $0.43 each!! The buns in the pack are smaller, but no less generously-filled. In fact, because the filling tends to be on the sweeter side, I prefer the smaller buns which are less jelat than having a whole big bun filled with sweet red bean paste.

Probably my favourite bun from this whole chain of bakeries is their Parmesan Cheese, which contains the perfect ratio of sweet:savoury in the form of cream cheese and parmesan cheese. It is a bit rich, though, so I usually cut it in quarters and savour the bun quarter-by-quarter across a period of time.

Soft bread (though it tasted nothing like a proper naan cooked in a tandoor oven) with a hefty curry chicken and potato filling. Nothing to complain about, really. This hits the savoury spot!

omggggggggggGGG the filling is SOOO THICC AND GOOD and wah idk look at the photo for YOURSELF i can’t believe i live in clementi and only just realised this store existed

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$0.60 and so so worth it!!!!! It was so generous ❤️ One of the best red bean bread ❤️

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