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A yummy goodness of fresh pineapples and well seasoned rice topped with lots of pork floss .

It was a worthwhile trip to the royal thai embassy food fair .


Thai food fair at thai πŸ‘‘ royal thai embassy .

Intrigued by a food fair type of set up at the thai embassy - my legs led me to a grand surprise .

Lots of thai food - some with established shops in singapore like folks collective and unyang kordai .

It was my first encounter with unyang kordai which has a shop at 57 south bridge road . The grilled chicken was well marinated with thai spices and was succulent .

10 dollars for half a chicken and 15 dollars for a full chicken .

I say go for the full portion 😊

😍 .

If you thought that these were real fruits on a stick, look carefully again! πŸ‘€ These are actually ice cream which are shaped to resemble real fruits while also bearing the flavours of these fruits! So cool right?! Cool to take photos of and also a cool, refreshing treat to have on a hot day! β˜€οΈ .

The ice cream initially came with a layer of ice crystals on them and I suspected that they might have an icy composition ❄ It was to my pleasant surprise then that the Corn ice cream which I had wasn't icy in the least bit. In fact, it was really creamy and had a smooth texture. So yummy! πŸ˜‹ .

Besides Mango and Corn 🌽, these sweet treats are also available in Durian, Coconut πŸ₯₯, Pineapple 🍍, Orange 🍊 and Tamarind flavours! Which one would you be most interested to try? πŸ˜„

What is Panang curry you might ask? Well, it's actually a type of Thai red curry that boasts a nutty peanut flavour πŸ₯œ in addition to being thick, savoury, spicy and sweet. Sounds aroi mak mak right?! 🀀 .

Over here, the Panang curry sauce is generously drizzled over not one but TWO succulent homemade beef patties which along with cheese πŸ§€ and fresh veggies like tomatoes, lettuce and onions is sandwiched between two jet-black buns - we were given a choice between a black sesame bun and a regular bun, and of course we chose the black buns cos black is bae! πŸ–€ .

Every time we sank our teeth into it, we came away with a juicy mouthful of meat that was made all the more flavourful by the delicious Panang curry sauce. You must definitely prepare to get your hands dirty with this one! πŸ‘ .

Oh, and a huge shoutout also for Chef Pond's homemade savoury banana chips 🍌 which were served alongside the burger. Such an ingenious idea to serve these Thai style chips together with the Thai-Western fusion burger πŸ’‘ .

The fried banana chips were so thinly-sliced that it almost felt like I was lifting a feather whenever I picked one up. Their crispness was also off the charts! πŸ“ˆ Though they didn't really taste like bananas, I honestly didn't mind as I loved the textural contrast between these crispy chips and the juicy burger! πŸ’― .

Besides this Panang Red Curry Beef Burger, @bellyphantsg is also serving up a Thai Green Curry Chicken Burger and other Thai delights at the Thai Festival which runs until 18th May at the Royal Thai Embassy from 11am to 9pm daily! πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ .

Even if you don't manage to make it down this weekend, you don't need to have a FOMO cos you can find Bellyphant at their stall in FOMO (yep, that's the actual name of a hipster foodcourt in Bugis haha!) 🀣

Since I can’t be in Bangkok now, this will suffice for the time being till my next trip there. Sweet, milky and a hint of the floral fragrance, this is by far never a healthy beverage but a treat once in a blue moon.
Royal Thai Embassy
Address: 370, Orchard Road, Singapore 238870


The weather was so hot.
Cooling down with a cup of Red Rudy Drink (S$2.50) from SIMPLE EATS booth at Thai Festival 2018 by @tatsingapore .
The shaved ice 🍧 was rough so it did not melt too fast. Wish it was sweeter.
Packed with red and green colored chestnut 🌰 cubes, corn 🌽, tapioca pearls.
Thai Festival 2018
Venue : Royal Thai Embassy, 370 Orchard Road, Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 238 870
Date : 3 - 6 May 2018
Open πŸ•” : 10am - 9pm
MRT πŸš‡ : Orchard (NS22)

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