18/18A Kandahar Street
Singapore 198884

08:30am - 07:30pm

08:30am - 07:30pm

08:30am - 07:30pm

08:30am - 07:30pm

08:30am - 07:30pm

08:30am - 05:00pm

08:30am - 05:00pm



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Good things come to those who wait 😊
Browsing Arab street for cloth and drop by to our favourite restaurant for lunch. Normally it’s very popular at lunch time but this time the queue is very long as there is also a big food fair next door “Ramadan Sultan Bazaar 2018”
We order 5 main dishes (share) 👌
🔸 ‘Ayam Belado Hijau’ (2 chicken pieces with green chilli) $3.50 | great combination spicy & not too oily with the right amount of green chili.🌶
🔸 ‘Sayur Gulai Nangka’ $4.00 simply can’t miss Jackfruit curry 🍛
🔸 ‘Sayur Pucuk Ubi’ $3.50 mild cassava leaves curry 🍃
🔸 ‘Udang Belado’ $3.50 prawn with petai (worth ordering as petai is quite $$ & can’t go wrong with prawn)🦐
🔸’Beef Rendang’ $3.50 Super yum & value dish as we get 2 chunky beef pieces.🥘
Go for lime juice $2 each instead of Teh Tarik to cool down. Rice $1 each pax. Don’t miss them if you are nearby!!


Beef 🐄 Rendang
One of the dishes which we had during the #OnTheRedDotCh5 Heritage Food Trail by @mediacorpch5 .
Tender meat coated with a rich layer of paste.
Rumah Makan Minang
Address 🏠 : 18/ 18A Kandahar Street, Singapore 🇸🇬 198 884
Tel ☎️ : 6294 4805
Open 💈 :
Mon - Fri : 7am - 8pm
Sat, Sun : 7am - 5pm
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Bugis (EW12/ DT14)

One of the better Nasi Padang joints in Singapore. All for $25 including our drinks. We left feeling quite satisfied!

Described to me as the place that has “legendary rendang” by my friends... it’s hard to argue otherwise. Join the long line of people getting their favourite side dishes with rice and enjoy! Be sure to get the rendang which is really quite legendary, and try their green chilli sambal too if spice doesn’t scare you!

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They do not practice restrain with the "rempah" here, which is why Rumah Makan Minang is one of my top three go-to's for nasi padang whenever a craving strikes.
On rotation for my usual order are: "sotong hitam", "ayam goreng sambal belado" (I swing both ways for the red and green chilli versions), "assam pedas ikan" and "sambal goreng".
The one item I never not get is the "paru" (beef lungs). Theirs is extra appetising as they fry it with a bit of chilli and "serundeng" (spicy fried grated coconut).
Do expect prices to be slightly higher than what you'd pay at most neighbourhood hawker centres though. My plate pictured above plus a cup of "teh o siu dai" came to $10.50. But I think it's worth every cent!

The best Chilli sauce is one that remembers the Chilli is a fruit, not just a big spicy thing. This sauce remembers that very well.


Ayam Belado Hijau featuring tender chicken in signature green chilli marinate. 

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Melted in the mouth beef redang (with 3 chucks of beef). Savory curry chicken and sayur lodeh. Every dish was prefect with rice. To ease the burning sensation, we had their iced Teh Tarik (must have). .
Botok-Botok ($6) was the most unique dish they had. Fish fillets wrapped with banana leaf and steamed. The banana leaf helped to keep all the moisture within. .
They opened up their level 2 which is air conditioned. No longer you need to endure the hot weather. .
Rumah Makan Minang
🏠: 18 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198884 .
⏰: Daily from 0700H till 1800H .
☎️: 6294 4805

Part of CEP Malay cultural walk.
The dried sweet savoury coconut bring out the flavours in the Lotong.
The restaurant has 2 floor, with upper floor aircon.
Rumah Makan Minang
Address : 18/17A Kandahar Street, Singapore
Tel :
Open :



The coconut gravy is so thick and delish, one plate of rice is barely enough 🙊🙊🙊. And all of these are under $20. Cheap and good !

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For the zi char equivalent of Indonesian food, Rumah Makan Minang is the place to go. Specialising in Indonesian favourites like nasi padang and beef rendang, their affordable, no-frills dishes hit all the right spots. The Ayam Gulai is a must, with tender chicken drenched in their signature curry stew. Tastemaker Julius Lim states, 'I finished the curry chicken gravy without leaving any behind. I am naming it "liquid gold" from today onwards.' The larger the group you go with, the more you can order, with chicken, beef, seafood and vegetarian varieties. Some refreshing lime juice to go with all that savoury, spicy, deliciousness would just leave you completely and utterly satisfied.

The best way to celebrate New Year's Eve is to eat one of the best nasi padang in Singapore with my girl. I finished the curry chicken gravy without leaving any behind. I am naming it "liquid gold" from today onwards.

Nutty gravy... shiok! But portion abit small.


The rice has it distinct mild flavour


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