S-11 (Yishun 744)

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Established since 1993, S11 takes pride in selecting a good mix of cuisine ranging from appetizers to main course, drinks and snacks for each outlet.


From the Burpple community

PRICE: $8.60

WAITING TIME: 5 min on a weekday evening

SPICE LEVEL: Mid level was okay. Can be more spicy. Quite salty.

- has the two kinds of noodles I like, instant noodles and sweet potato vermicelli
- my favourite zhu pi aka fake fish maw is charged under the higher tier of meats, at $3.20/100g. Higher than elsewhere.


Not too bad, reasonable price, lots of selections, doesn't have to wait long. Best of all, this coffeeshop has an never-ending crowd. If u are a person that enjoys seeing happy ppl, you would love this place.

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PRICE: $4 for the smallest portion

WAITING TIME: close to 10 min on a Sat night


PRAWNS: Only 2

WOKHEI: Not quite

CHILLI: an interesting version unlike the usual sambal or belachan

Very new stall, only opened mid 2017
Tastes better than expected
Generous portion

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$4 (for drumstick/雞å°ū- how do u call this in eng ah....)
$3.50 (for other parts)

I would say this is not bad! The portion is for 1 pax and as you can see they are quite generous. The best part is that the soup is free!! 😄 The rice is not oily but not so fragrant to me. The chicken a bit bland but still tender la.. they still got give beansprout underneath the chicken which is a plus point!! 🌟

Overall, its worth a try to see if you like it or not! I think someone who is health-conscious would like it! 😃

(Btw i am a true blue čēŠåƒ foodie who dont bother to take nice photos sometimes because i just can't wait to eat HAHAHAHHAHA)

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Such a big piece each too!😋👍ðŸŧ👍ðŸŧ In the background is our usual chee cheong fun, chwee kueh and a red bean pau. 😋 Yes, we love our local fare more than anything! âĪ

Quite reasonable for $3.50, though most ingredients are supplied rather than handmade (i.e meatballs). Thick and flavourful sauce; lard lacks crisp.

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