From the Burpple community

These mooncakes were gifted by @killtimejack, whose dad specially gotten a bakery to make the thin layer of snowskin to envelop the best maoshanwang flesh he could ever get this season. 100% flesh w/o any preservatives or additives, no other mooncakes could beat what's partying in my mouth. 👍

Hope u girls enjoyed the simple celeb! Great time yakking & laughing away!

Perfect marriage of creamy banana mousse & salted caramel & nutty chunks! Psst! The guy behind the counter leaked that cognac is added in the pie. Teehee, I'm already craving for more. 😍

20131227 Waffles w gelato & cream. Waffles were surprisingly light & buttery! Extraordinary pairing w our warm beverages. 😋

20131226 The tasty barbecued black pork we had in Jeju.. we even thought of going back for it the next night!

20130626 Happy birthday to the greatest man in my life! The one who teared when I first came to the world, the one who willingly sacrifices & patiently guides me all these years, the one who will always be there for me no matter what! 👨❤👧