100 Tras Street
#01-11 100AM
Singapore 079027

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm



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Was rushing for meeting and looking for a convenient, easy-access and a meal that could possibly to be completed in 20 mins time (including photos shooting). Most importantly, I don’t pay more for such quick meal. Not a bad choice~ 🍣🍱πŸ₯’
1. Garlic Shoyu Salmon with Yuzu-Ume brown rice $9.90.
2. Warrior Maki $9.90.
*Prices include tax and no service charge.
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I was pleasantly surprised by the generous scoop of salmon poke served atop a deliciously chewy bed of udon. At $9.90 nett (+$1 for the tobikko), there's really nothing to complain about

My colleague introduced me to this place in 100am when we popped by Tanjong Pagar for an afternoon meeting.

There were a few different salmon choices to choose from but as I was trying to be "healthy", I stuck to salmon sashimi with avocado and extra avocado πŸ₯‘!

I absolutely love avocado and I was so happy that the add on was really a substantial amount of slightly more than half the fruit! πŸ˜„

Anyhoos, below all the greens, sashimi and roe, lay’s the well seasoned Udon in I dunno what sauce they use but it was so good!!

Overall I had a good experience. The only areas of improvement I can highlight is:
1. Serving size, more sashimi please!
2. The chairs. I don't know what kinda artsy fartsy feel they were going for but it only fit half my butt and I almost fell off the chair. 😀

Salmon portion was generous and the perfect onsen egg tied everything together. Each mouthful was creamy and orgasm inducing. Read more at:

For $9.90, we get to pick 1 Salmon Topping & base. I chose Salmon Sashimi served with avocado slices & shrimp roe with mixed salad. Topped up $1.50 for mixed nuts because I love nuts πŸ˜†

Pretty surprised by the huge bowl of greens! Not complaining thou πŸ˜‹ Love the freshness of the salmon, crunchy nuts & the generous scoop of roe 😱 Eating clean doesn't have to be boring 😍😍😍 #eatcleannotdiet

Even for someone like me who doesn't eat salmon sashimi, I had a hard time deciding what to get at Salmon Samurai. There's a good variety of basic salmon bowls, both raw and cooked. You can also customize the base; with a choice of yuzu-ume brown rice, udon or mixed salad. Not in the mood for salmon bowls? There's the warrior maki. All priced at $9.90. I have to admit that the portion was a little small, but the pricing is affordable.

Eventually I couldn't resist the temptation of Mentaiko. Five freshly seared slices of salmon coated with spicy Mentaiko sauce, where the charred note in combination with the umami taste definitely left a tingling sensation on my tastebuds!

Everyone's got to try their mentaiko aburi salmon!!! It perks me up instantly πŸ˜‡β£οΈβ£οΈAlso v happy that the bowl was overflowing with a generous amount of greens.

The salmon mentai was delishhh. You only get five slices of aburi-ed salmon mentai on a heap of warm udon noodles. The mentai sauce makes for a nice salty dressing for the noodles - though we ran out of salmon way before we ran out of noodles. I'd still have this again though. ☺️

A bit of a sad looking poke bowl in my opinion. I got the salad as a base and an extra portion of prawn roe ($1). The fish was quite nicely seasoned, but aside from the leaves and cherry tomatoes - there wasn't much else to this poke bowl. So, it was just ok, decent enough for the price.

A nice minty twist to the cold brew by the people at Tanuki.

Decided to try Salmon Samurai after hearing that it was from the same group as Tanuki Raw and Shinkansen. I chose the mentaiko salmon with rice, ($9.90) with add-one like the onsen egg ($1) and tobiko ($1). I quite liked the mentaiko mayo sauce, but felt it was a bit too watery altogether, especially with the onsen egg. Plus, the salmon slices were really quite thin, which felt quite unsubstantial and left me a bit disappointed. But I guess that all in all, it is priced slightly cheaper than other places. An interesting thing, however, is that you can even customise the base and choose udon instead of rice as well!

Had the spicy salmon one and felt that the sauce was a little overwhelming and the salmon wasn't exactly fresh ? πŸ˜•

Nearly every table had this as a side, and it was clear why. Salmon maki was better than average and while mayonnaise and floss has always been a winning combo to me, what clinched the deal was the fact that they used garlic mayo! (Y)

Finally got all the hype after I tucked in. The salmon was kept moist and so beautifully flavoured with the garlic shoyu sauce. The only thing that could have, and did, make it better was the onsen egg (included), with its golden liquidy yolk flowing generously onto the rice. Before I knew it, my bowl was soon only left with the glistening oil from the fatty goodness of salmon.

Read numerous rad reviews on this place and decided to check it out!! Was torn between salmon mentaiko and salmon sashimi, decided to go with the latter in the end because i heard about how fresh it was and am glad i did!! What i like about this salad option is the generous portion of veggies!! And there's an onsen egg add-on for just $1! (Many places charge at least $1.50 or even more πŸ€” for one egg really) although portions of sashimi and avocado are small, the shoyu garlic sauce really made up for it! It was deliciously sweet and salty and really tied the dish tgt. I didn't even need soya sauce for the sashimi. Altogether a pretty cheap eat for the price! Will be back again to try MENTAIKOOO cause they were flaming it on the spot and it really smelled good heheh

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