6A Shenton Way
#03-26 Downtown Gallery
Singapore 068815

11:00am - 09:00pm

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11:00am - 09:00pm

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3.5 munchies: The Ocean Trophy for my curry choice comes loaded with prawns, squid, scallops, blue mussels, and assorted vegetables such as baby corn, broccoli, eggplant, green pepper, potato, and Japanese soft-boiled egg. With three categories of spiciness to choose from – Baby Bear (Levels 0-5), Adult Bear (6-15), and Crazy Bear (16-30), I played it safe and chose Level 15 which wasn't spicy enough. I then picked the sweet-savoury tomato soup base that had a slightly thicker consistency. The umami-ness of the soup stock complemented the curry spices and seafood really well! I also liked how the assorted vegetables remained fresh and crunchy despite being simmered in the tasty broth. #Burpproved

This features slabs of moist, tender pork belly, savoury fatty in flavour, along with perfectly executed grilled vegetables, including a medley of baby corn, broccoli, eggplant, potato, carrot, chili, and a halved soft boiled egg.
The vegetables hold up well, retaining their firm crunch, and lend good earthy vegetal sweet flavour, with a hint of smoky on the palate.
The fusion coconut soup base is a robust broth of coconut milk and spices soup curry.
It's medium thick in texture, with a bold savoury spice milky flavour. Mild in heat too, as I choose a spice level of 13, just enough to tease the palate.
Sama Curry & Cafe
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Ever tried Japanese soup curry? Apparently it’s quite a hit in Sapporo and usually comes with vegetables and a variety of mains to choose from.

It’s also really fun as you customise your dish via the steps below:

1. Choose your main - chicken cutlet, pork loin, cheese, seafood, hamburg etc.
2. Choose your spiciness level - level 0 to 30 (they classify the spiciness levels into Baby Bear, Adult Bear and Crazy Bear)
3. Choose your soup - tomato, japanese, coconut, shrimp.

It’s not your usual Japanese curry fare; SAMA’s curry had a little hint of spice herbs which may tip your perception of japanese curry a little. I’ve got a feeling it won’t please everyone’s palate. You may try if you’re feeling adventurous and go for a higher spiciness level if you’re up for it.

Yummy soup curry with spicy levels from 0 to 30. I chose Oink Oink ($15.90), pork with tomato based curry. The service crew shared that some felt level 30 was spicy, some didn't. That meant it wouldn't be too spicy for chilli lovers. Since level 30 might cover the taste of the food, I went for 25. Pretty oily, but tasted good! Rice was nice and fluffy. Tomato and coconut curry base is thicker, and I prefer tomato because the coconut taste was quite strong.

From being able to choose the meats (Hungry Bear featured here) to soup base (Tomato, Coconut, Japanese, Shrimp) and finally spiciness level🔥 (tried level 20 which was actually pretty manageable :p) .. don't miss out on that awesome creamy oozing crab cream croquette too! Curry was on the soupy side, meats were really tender but the vegetables stole the show providing that perfect balance 😋 Meal of 2 mains and a side dish totalled to about $50!
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SAMA Curry & Cafe, your dish is highly customisable. First, choose the ingredients in your curry. Next, choose the level of spiciness. Finally, choose your soup base.

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Juicy tender chicken leg with assorted vegetables with the choice of cooking over 4 curry base; tomato, coconut, Japanese & shrimp.
For the more adventurous, feel free to go for spice level greater than 20. 😎

😲 It's a mistake if you expect the typical Japanese curry, because this is meant to be drank like soup! In fact, I would say to imagine a soup with lots of spices 🤣 Firstly, choose the main ingredients. I like my Oink Oink with tender pork belly and I'll probably try the Cheesy Bear with fried chicken and cheese next. Secondly, choose your spiciness level, I wanted 14, but was told no even numbers?! So it's 13 for me and I'll recommend that you be brave and just go for the crazy bear levels! Lastly, decide on your soup base with options like Japanese, shrimp, coconut or tomato. I love the tangy but not spicy broth! I'll like this with even more broth! There's already veggies like baby corn, green pepper, potato, eggplant, carrot and broccoli etc, but if you chose the Vegetarian Bear toppings you get even more vegetables like cabbage, lotus root and pumpkin 😁

Had marathon chicken with Japanese Curry (level 5) while one of us had pork with shrimp curry and one tried level 10 with deep fried chicken. All of them are great! The portion for Marathon chicken is generous and the portion is huge for a lady. The pork is so good that melts in your mouth - we agree it is even better than the pork belly don we had at Lunar Cafe. Level 5 spiciness is too mild - we should come and try level 10 at least next time!

Located at OUE Downtown Gallery, SAMA Curry and Cafe is yet another spot for CBD folks to lunch at. Don’t expect your typical Japanese curry here — this joint offers a savoury and soupy spin on the usual sweet and thick style we’re familiar with. Start by picking from an assortment of meat options such as the Moo Moo Hamburg ($16.90) that comes with a hamburger patty, or the Hungry Bear ($18.90), which comes with a whole chicken leg atop a pork or hamburger patty. Each bowl comes customisable in three categories of spiciness (which is adorably named after their bear mascot), from Baby Bear (level 0-5), Adult Bear (level 6-15) to Crazy Bear (level 16-30). Don't be afraid to opt for the higher spice levels if you're a spice lover. Then, pick from four soup bases — tomato and coconut, which are thicker, or Japanese and shrimp. Each bowl of curry comes with a generous portion of assorted vegetables that, despite being cooked in curry, still remain fresh and crunchy!
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Mok XC

Diners can now enjoy both soup and curry dishes in the same bowl at the first Japanese soup curry specialty here in Singapore! Located in the new OUE Downtown skyscraper complex, featured here are the Ocean Trophy (Tomato soup base), Hungry Bear (Wafu), Oink Oink (Coconut), and Cheesy Bear (Coconut).

The spice level is customisable in 3 categories – Baby Bear (Levels 0-5), Adult Bear (8-15), and Crazy Bear (18-30). I went for Level 15 and managed to finish my Ocean Trophy without sipping any of the iced green tea. We were also given 4 flavours of the soup curry to choose from – Coconut, Tomato, Wafu, and Shrimp. Go for the first 2 with stronger flavours which we really enjoyed!

📷: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, courtesy of Canon Singapore.

Customizable jap curry, where you can choose from your meats (Marathon Chicken has a hilarious caption of "oh those thighs" !!) such as hamburg, seafood, chicken leg, pork and fried chicken with cheese; your spice level (surprisingly spicy for jap curry, though the difference between Adult Bear level and Crazy Bear never isn't very noticeable); and then your soup base choice (tried Tomato and Coconut). Go for the Coconut soup base!

All the bowls come with assorted vegetables which were surprisingly super fresh, that kind of freshness that you get in Japan where you get confused about what shit veggies you've been eating here.

Decently deep fried cheesy stuff that's good. Just because it's deep fried and cheesy. Get the crab croquette for more soft cheesiness, and the imomochi (I think something to do with yam) one for more chewiness.

With 4 types of curry base; Japanese, Shrimp, Tomato & Coconut. Go for the latter 2 if you prefer thick and luscious broth like me.
By the way level 20 was chicken feet imo. 😎

Hokkaido Crab Cream Croquette ($6.50)

The Crab Cream Croquette @samacurrysg is a must-order! Crispy and fried till golden brown on the outside while witnessing an oozing creamy centre is definitely food porn worthy. Tastes superb too!

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