* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Modern European dining. Fine food served in a residential area. Dishes are prepared by using modern French cooking techniques. Located near Changi Airport, it is convenient to grab a meal on the way to or back from the airport.

20 Eastwood Road
#01-03 Eastwood Centre
Singapore 486442










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White Orb ($15)
Impressed by this creation @SanBistrosg . Warm white chocolate sauce is poured over the white chocolate sphere containing matcha ice-cream, raspberry jelly and feuilletine. The bitterness from the matcha ice cream balances the sweetness characteristic of white chocolate and the tangy sour taste from the raspberry jelly. My preferred choice of dessert of the 4 available.

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Linguine Lobster ($35)
When I was served the linguine lobster @SanBistrosg , I must confess my disappointment. There were probably 4-5 pieces of lobster flesh and a teenie dollop of caviar hidden among the moderate size of pasta. The consolation was that the flavour was present with the lobster bisque thickly coating the pasta and the lobster flesh tasting fresh. Maybe if the lobster flesh was served with its shell, it would have looked a little more presentable and worth the money paid.


Foie Gras Terrine ($20)
Revamped menu @SanBistrosg serves up this wellplated Foie Gras Terrine that’s accompanied by golden beets, caramelized hazelnut, brioche and beetroot paper! The foie gras terrine with the brioche paired well but I am not a fan of the beetroot and beetroot puree as the earthy bitter taste was very evident and overshadowed the rest of the elements even when I combined all the elements into one spoonful.


lightly salted, roasted tomatoes with balsamic, garlic herb cheese and curry avocado aioli; a good combination of sweet/salty/hint of sourness and play of textures!


It seems unthinkable that modern European fine dining can be enjoyed under $30, but that's exactly what this east-side bistro delivers, and they do a stellar job too. On top of that, the Two-Course Set Menu ($23) and Three-Course Set Menu ($28) are available at the same prices for both lunch and dinner — yay! The options are quite extensive, and dishes run the gamut from Mushroom Soup and Chicken Coq-Au-Vin for starters to Duck Leg Confit and Pan-Seared Barramundi for mains, and everything is cooked realy, really well. Some dishes require a top-up, but it'll all be well worth the investment if you choose to do so. For dessert, consider the Peach and Cheese "Cake" — the light and elegant sweet stole Burpple Tastemaker Zhihui Lim's heart.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Zhihui Lim

Coconut meringue, hazelnut soil and mango sorbet. I adore the fragrant flavour of coconut and textured bits but meringue, as always, is sweet, so the tangy mango sorbet and passion fruit coulis was a great pairing. I do wish there were a little more of the refreshing sorbet tho.

Braised in red wine, the angus oyster blade was tender and flavoursome, with black truffle salsa, smooth parsnip purée and spiced risotto cake that was nicely crisped on the top. So far the beef dishes are decently priced and easy to love! But ok actually we haven't had anything bad here 😛


Linguine was al dente, but what had us addictively reaching for the dish was the bisque sauce bursting with umami, without being too heavy/ jelak.

I usually need meat together with carbs but this, I could easily finish by itself even if there wasn't any lobster tail. Not to say it wasn't good, it was a happy thing that the fresh chunky lobster was an accompaniment to the super tasty pasta🤤 Topped with Avruga caviar.

Theatrics aside (which I like), this is easily one of my favourite desserts here! My partner however, preferred the peach&Cheesecake but it could just be because he's not a fan of banana 🤷🏻‍♀️ Loved this mainly because chocolate banana is my all-time favourite combination that cannot go wrong, and the complementing flavours and textures worked for me. Swipe for the messy goodness 😂

Dark chocolate sphere encasing banana ice cream that thankfully didn't have an artificial flavour to it, with passion fruit coulis for a tinge of sourness and caramel soil for a bit of crumbly sweetness. I loved the thick bittersweet chocolate, and practically cleaned the plate up😌


Back after so long and glad we did! Everything we tried from the summer menu was satisfying. Still going for 2 courses @ $23++ & 3 courses @ $28++ (though certain items require additional top-up). Peach & "Cheese" Cake, elegantly presented with a light, fluffy, dreamy cream cheese espuma on fragrant almond crumble, with a surprise centre of refreshingly sweet-sour red peach ice cream and raspberry parfait. Priced at $10 (ala carte) with no top-ups required for the set!

More refined version and every bit of a comforting dish like our favourite local breakfast, this Eggs & Bread is to date, my personal favourite starter as part of their $18++/$23++ (2/3-course meal). Perfectly runny sous vide eggs on a bed of smooth mash, with savoury bits of chorizo; crisp brioche croutons and golden-brown toast with their very own version of Kaya. To get them all in a bite is a delightful combination of sweet, savoury and contrasting textures.


Definitely worth the extra $3! The pan-seared barramundi was good - perfectly browned and crisp while the fish was moist; the tomato concassé with natural jus was quite a pleasant surprise when the seemingly normal accompaniment turned out to have such intensity of flavours, all from the barramundi itself! Nothing to fault about the pasta, al dente, not overly garlicky nor spicy. I love how they manage to bring out the best of each ingredient without neglecting nor overdoing; where everything was good enough on its own but harmoniously combine to create a very enjoyable dish, guaranteed to satisfy the tastebuds at a very affordable price point.

Here's one of the mains we ordered for our $18++/23++ set lunch! Chicken Leg Confit - slow cooked, keeping the chicken meat very tender, retaining its juiciness while the skin was nicely crisped. Hidden beneath was a bed of tasty smooth mash. Wasn't a fan of the hainanese style black pepper sauce which was not bad, but I would've liked it better with something lighter that didn't overpower the flavours of the chicken leg.


Well-executed food that goes right in to my list of value-for-money with $18++/$23++ (2/3 courses respectively)!+service is good.

We really enjoyed this, a starter that sets the tone for what was to come. With charred cauliflower for added texture to an otherwise very smooth, creamy, fragrant velouté; dashes of brown butter for a subtle nutty aroma and baguette topped with hazelnut shavings!


4 munchies: Smoked lightly to retain its mild and delicate flavour, the confit of trout makes a great starter at this Modern European diner. It was fresh and clean-tasting; garnished with sliced kabu, squid ink aioli, and pickled pearl onion. #Burpproved


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