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I would travel to Hong Kong again just for this bowl of perfection .

4 to 5 huge slabs of fish meat in Silky congee that has the right consistency and seasoning.

The best porridge shop I must say .

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Another excellent dish served by this shop. Fatty fish belly and fresh beef slices made the smooth porridge very tasty. Yummy yummy yum yum. Posted by Ah Leong San 2015 December 12

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One of the best version in HK this shop sells a variety of beef brisket noodles. Very tender beef brisket and not too salty and the serving is just right. Yummy yummy yum yum. Posted by Ah Leong San 2015 December 12.


One of the congee shop I will always visit when I'm in HK. You can do away with the fried fritters because it's soggy unless you want to have something more solid. This is a pork, century egg and handmade fishball congee. Pork is your pulled pork unlike the sliced pork we are used to in sg, and the fishball is dark in color unless the white ones we are see. Price: HK$53. A little ex but it worth it!

This dish is very different from ours. It's clear soup and really tasty beef and tendon.