[CLOSED] Sangokai Japanese Restaurant

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Offering authentic Japanese cuisine with a note of modern approach, Sangokai Japanese Restaurant creates a family oriented ambiance. Guests can indulge on a comprehensive list of innovative creations on their menu presented by Dave Teh, the owner and chef, with more than 20 years of culinary experience. The interior is well furnished with simple decorations designed to achieve a homey feeling. Guests would be immersed in the soothing music played while dining in a relaxing environment, gaining a rewarding experience over a meal. Sangokai emphasize on using premium ingredients, bringing in fresh catches from the sea twice a week. Sangokai serves guests with genuine sincerity, as the head chef of the restaurant, Chef Dave Teh practices customization, depending on customer’s request and satisfying their cravings with a luscious spread of delicacies.

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I confess - I have a terrible weakness for this fancy looking roll with an equally fancy name. It has a battered and fried jumbo prawn inside the entire length. Across the top of the roll is laid white fish meat before that's covered with mentaiko and torched to luscious umami creaminess.
If you are into prawn heads, the one here is deepfried till crunchy so you can chomp on it too if you like.

On a cold rainy night, there is nothing more satisfying than slurping on steaming hot soup. This pork shabu shabu fits the bill perfectly. In the earthen pot is a tasty concoction with very thin slices of pork belly, white cabbage and carrots. Along with the soup, you get a bowl of rice and three types of appetisers that are above average. Clearly for me, this is a meal that falls under the "good value for money" category.


Available for dinner, this set meal features a grilled salmon topped with torched mentaiko as the main item. What makes this place rather unique is the attention they pay to the side dishes.
Before everything else arrived at the table, I was given a bowl of chilled tofu cubes in a garlicky sauce that had bits of minced pork (sorry, forgot to take a pic) that served to whet my appetite. Following that came the trio of side dishes pictured above. The agadeshi tofu was freshly prepared so the batter was still warm and crunchy. Getting my vote as the most outstanding of the lot was the cold silken tofu topped with a creamy century egg sauce, chopped up century egg and crunchy tobiko. It was simple but sensational. Last but not least, the potato salad prove to be another standout with its fresh taste and small chunks of potatoes.

Quiet ambience. Awesome for a date for two and for fresh salmon lovers. My second time here 😊

Imho, i really like the Katsu, it has this slight minimum crunch as compared to those normal kind as i don't really like fried food.


Edible but I guess Japanese pearl rice aren't the best type of rice to make fried rice. Even the bibimbab iron cast bowl presentation can't save it. Looks good but that's all to it. My unagi don portion is tiny and there's no proper dinner spoon. Bring your own cutlery if you want to go for non-Arabian or Medz cuisine in the Kampong Glam area

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