Sapore Italian Restaurant

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Sapore has a total seating capacity of 150 seats, alfresco dining for 70pax and indoor seating for 80pax. Nestled at the heart of NUS surrounded by greenery and an abundance of nature, our cozy ambience is ideal for families, children and couples. The interiors are warm, simple and exquisite, with a touch of Italy on our minimalist feature wall. Our dedicated team at Sapore aims to deliver memorable dining experience with our homemade and healthy Italian food and our warmth of hospitality.

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#01-06 NUS University Town
Singapore 138602

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11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Knew the existence of this place cos of BB, but in the end BB deals were not as worth as compared to student prices.

Student Ml. (comes with free can of soft drink + free pasta upsize), one of those places that's in my books for cheap/value-for-money.

Decent plate of pasta, although portion size was still quite small even after upsizing. Carbonara here has a stronger "hammy taste" than creamy/cheese-y taste. Value for $$, will be back if I'm craving cheap and decent pasta.

$17.05 for 2, ($7.95 x 2 x 1.07)


Love it and v worth it with the burrple beyond deals!
The creamy pastas were not too jelak and the pizzas had a good crust and were meaty

The mushroom cream sauce in this one was thick but not too overwhelming. It went great with the chewy homemade tagiatelle. Sadly, the chicken breast was really dry and tough.

Molten Lava chocolate cake ($9.95) 🍰 7/10
The cake was small but crispy at its crust and molten inside. The vanilla gelato was also thick and enjoyable.

Tiramisu ($5.50) 🍰 4/10
I found that there was way too much biscuit here and not enough marscapone cream. The biscuit was quite dry and stale too...

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This was my favourite pizza of the bunch! It combined what I love most about quattro formaggi (the gorgonzola) with salty pepperonis and onions! The blue cheese went surprisingly well with the sharp onions but I just wish there were more pepperonis.

For all the pizzas, the crust is made with a special italian flour that renders the crust fantastically light and crispy. It kind of reminded me of a very thin and fresh naan! There was no issue biting through the crust ends even after it cooled.

Rucola prosciutto ($19.90) πŸ• 7/10
I like how the prosciutto slices were much thicker than how other Italian restaurants usually slice them, so it gave the pizza a meatier feel. Sadly, the meagre pieces of rocket was placed under the prosciutto which made the leaves a little soggy.

Quattro Formaggi ($17.90) πŸ• 7/10
You can't really go wrong when you throw cheese on a pizza, and this was no exception. I liked how the interestingly light crust combined with the rich and heavy cheese on top.

Go for the Truffle Tagliatelle and pizzas, really unassuming little place that people miss out easily, but really good food :)


had a dinner date here for the first time, used Burpple Beyond for 1-for-1 main + dessert. we ordered a parma ham pizza & sausage risotto, oreo brownie cheesecake & dark chocolate gelato. *wanna put a disclaimer first that we were spoiled by the pleasantries by Jim, who served us most of our visit haha.

in general, we were very impressed by the richness of flavours for every dish, that paired so well with homecooked healthy quality that made it unexpectedly not-gelak, even the gelato! Jim explained that the chefs use zero MSG (yas). I'm a fan of parma ham so the pizza was an obvious choice, photo above! I'm not a big eater but I finished 5/6 of this, don't be fooled by the big sized pizza. I recommend getting this as 1 of your mains! risotto was deemed 'clean' tasting by the boyfriend, likely cuz of the absence of MSG & the dish's nature is porridge-like. the gelato was interestingly chunky & just the right amount of sweet. cheesecake was a wildcard cuz it's my favourite dessert- I'd place this above Starbucks & below Bakerzin/Cat & the Fiddle. for your own tastebuds' discretion πŸ˜…

beyond their food itself, I commend this place for their portion sizes & cosyness despite it being in the usually bustling UTown. perhaps we have Covid to thank for this.

if you see this, thanks again Jim for being such a gentle gastronomical (& photography) guide for us in the short time we were here.

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