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Soft succulent braised beef cheek. The dish in its entirely was rich and flavorful with the roasted mushrooms and truffle mash

Linguine pasta was coated generously with a cream sauce infused with a slight hint of saltiness from miso (my dining partner could identify the miso flavor, but I couldn't). Tossed in the sauce were also onions and generous chunks of salmon. Its garnished with a dash of spring onion, furikake and a scoop of bright orange ikura.

The sauce impressed me because it was deceptively light and didn't coat my tongue in a film of oil and cream. The pasta was a perfect al dente and I really liked the mouthfeel between the crunchy onion and the juicy pops of ikura. The salmon was perfectly cooked, fork tender and the natural sweetness of the salmon and saltiness of the miso was a perfect marriage of flavors and seasonings.

All in all, a classic, well-executed carbonara dish. ($19)


I enjoyed the steak, but the meal wasn’t served warm. The soft bread when cold isn’t the most fulfilling.

Olives, cherry tomatoes, roast chicken, red radish, mesclun, pesto, pine nuts

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Smoked salmon, avocado, japanese cucumber, damame, brown rice, cherry tomatoes, mesclun, sesame seeds, onion, lemon vinaigrette

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The Chicken Parmigiana portion is big. Can be shared by 2 persons. It is like eating a pizza without the crest. Can really taste the truffle in the truffle wedges.
The Fresh Tagliatelle is delicious. Love the salted egg sauce.
It is interesting to see the cooks preparing the dishes & salad. The services provided is good. They will serve all the food together.

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