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From the Burpple community

Used the burrple beyond 30% off for our lunch. The place itself had very limited indoor seating but we managed to get an indoor seat as we came before the lunch crowd.

I had the steak and eggs while my gf had truffle mushroom pasta. The steak was a little tough even though it was cooked medium-ish. Also, I think the meal could use more salt as the meat tasted abit bland. However, when paired with the sauce it was much better. The bread was also quite nice as it tasted quite fresh/soft(?) despite the appearance.

The truffle mushroom pasta had quite a strong taste as well but also a little lacking in salt. Maybe it’s the trend for less salty food in CBD. It still tasted quite nice due to the natural taste of mushrooms but my gf felt quite jelak and didn’t finish it.🤡

Overall still a decent meal with the 30% discount but don’t think I’ll be back because I don’t like the small tables there.

Overall rating: 6.5/10 (couldn’t bring myself to give a 7)

If you are looking for some quality Western fare, this is one cafe to go to. I find their dinner menu much better than their brunch/lunch options and decided to try more! They seemed to have refreshed their menu recently and here are the dishes I've had:

1️⃣ Chicken Parmigiana ($24) - the huge piece of chicken cutlet was tender yet succulent and wasn't too salty. The thick layer of cheese just made it even better, due to its added richness. Definitely one dish you ought to share!

2️⃣ Grilled Salmon Pasta ($23) - I loved the thick meaty piece of salmon given. It was fresh, flaky and the salmon skin was done well due to its crispiness! The al dente pasta is drenched in a thick creamy sauce which had the right consistency to cling on the pasta well.

3️⃣ Angus Beef Stew ($26) - the beef was very soft and I loved how it wasn't too gamey! They won us over with their mashed potatoes actually, as it was incredibly smooth and buttery. Wished we had a bowl of this 😍

Best part is that their food items are applicable for 30% discount using #burpplebeyond ! Sad they didn't have their brussel sprouts, as they were hella addictive. Will come back again!

They serve very fast. The pasta wasnt jelat. Very generous with the mushrooms. There is an onsen egg hidden below the cheese. The pasta was also cooked al dente. I will order this again.

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Back at @sarnies.sg to try their dinner menu and I find it so much better than their day menu! Had a variety of sides and big plates to share and here are my favourites:

Asian Beef Ribs ($32): this came real huge. Pull off the bone tender, you can just cut through the meat using a spoon. The meat itself is flavourful and it paired so well with the creamy mash underneath. This is a must get in my opinion.

Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, Almond and Capers ($12): this is really addictive. Well seasoned, the brussels sprouts were crispy and just had a slight bitter aftertaste. They sure know how to make vegetables really tasty 😂 a must get for sharing!

Truffle Mushroom ($22): their pasta is pretty decent, with al dente pasta that was well coated with a rich creamy sauce. Truffle taste may not be strong, but it was still a pretty tasty dish nonetheless.

What's more is that you can get 30% off food dishes via #burpplebeyond ! What a great feast we had!


Food is standard cafe food, not superb, dishes are served fast. Hip place to be seen. However the service always borderline rude or rather lack of friendliness. Not likely to visit again.


The Halloumi salad ($20) was incredibly fresh! The halloumi was well toasted and crunchy, and the avocado helped balance out the cherry tomatoes and pickled veggies.