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From the Burpple community

This is another famous noodle eatery in Bangkok, which used to be called Bamee Sawang Noodle, but has changed its name to Sawang Noodles a year back.

Perhaps I came expecting more, the bowl leaned more to the ordinary, with very minimal sauces, resulting in a dry and somewhat bland mix.

The modest added crab meat also did little to elevate the taste, other than include some ‘luxe’ element to the street side food. #DFDBangkok #DFDNoodles

Was curious about the dry version of the wantan noodles. It didn't have any particular sauce, the noodles were tossed in a garlic lardy oil and tung choi. 🤤 I decided it was a cross between our wantan mee and kolo mee (but not as good).

I read about this place, originally known as Bamee Sawang, famed for its Thai style wantan mee. The wantan noodles are nice and eggy, and texturally like a very thin mee pok. The soup it is served in has great flavour, and you can taste crabby goodness in it. 🦀 You can also get this same bowl of noodles with extra shrimp wantans for THB 100.


It was okay, nothing fantastic but an interesting take of wanton mee with homemade springy noodles rich in garlic flavour. The best part of the dish was the tasty pork & I appreciated that real crab meat was given. It was also quite a small portion given the price
📍Sawang Noodle, 980 Phetchaburi road (near Pratnum market)