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Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong

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Focusing on locally farmed and harvested seafood direct from our farm and redefining the farm to table concept, Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong is 1 of 3 restaurants under the Ah Hua Kelong umbrella focusing on creating dishes you might not find familiar anywhere else.

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Must try is the Curry Mussels!
Ordered extra Mantou to soak up the delicious rich gravy that is a mix between Chinese and Indian curry style.

I believe them when they claim their seafood is freshly farmed from the kelong, because I taste the freshness and “natural-ness” of the seafood.

Even though it is no longer on Burpple Beyond, I will come back to Scaled!

Fried crispy squid with garlic aioli. Generous servings of crispy squid. The server will introduce the dishes and tell us how to best enjoy every dish. For this, he recommended to squeeze the lemon over the sauce to ensure the batter remain crispy it gives a refreshing taste to the sauce.

The battered squids are well seasoned (with paprika? Salt? Pepper?) and taste great even without dipping into the sauce. The squid itself is cooked perfectly- not over cooked or rubbery. I love the taste of the batter.

My fav dish of the night (we ordered 5). I don’t eat mussels/oysters/basically any shell seafood😂 but I ordered this because of the reviews as I love fried mantou with gravy😜. I enjoyed the mussels (I’m surprised too! although my friend -another shell seafood hater- didn’t). They are fresh, big, plump and tasty.

9 juicy plump mussels in a assam Indian fusion kind of curry with 3 deep fried mantou. Extra mantous are available at 3 for $2 - we ordered them with no hesitation. Mantous are hot, crispy and super soft on the inside and soaks up the curry very well. Delicious.

Will definitely order this again the next time I’m back. With additional mantous, of course.

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This place specialises in seafood and therefore fish is one of their must trys!
The barranmundi is fresh, firm and flaky, which ia great.

Portions are quite small so be prepared to order a starter (&maybe even a drink, the bar there is awesome as well!) Do try out their curry mussels with mantou, that's one of their top hits!

The first thing that came up to our mind was "the broth tasted like what I usually cook at home". No, that's not meant to be self-praising or criticising the chefs. I understand that the whole concept of this dish is to make you feel at home. But of course, the main highlight is the uber fresh pearl grouper (the staff informed us that they gave us an upgrade as they ran out of the usual fish, so you can ask them when ordering). The fish was nothing short of awesome. The flesh was firm and thick, with a distinct layer of fats beneath the skin. The lala was also sweet and fresh. The whole dish might not impress us as much as the pasta we had during our previous visit, but it's a fail-proof comfort dish.


The smooth sea bass pate carried smokey notes, but I personally felt the flavour could get a tad one-dimensional after your second piece of bread. The grilled sourdough, which was procured from Mother Dough Bakery, was great and buttery which is probably why the pate was only lightly seasoned. The cherry cardamom jam was a nice addition if you want to have some contrasting flavours for your tastebuds. Overall, I prefer a stronger flavour from the pate itself, perhaps because I'm so used to eating chicken liver pate that is rich in flavour.