Focusing on locally farmed and harvested seafood direct from our farm and redefining the farm to table concept, Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong is 1 of 3 restaurants under the Ah Hua Kelong umbrella focusing on creating dishes you might not find familiar anywhere else.

55 Haji Lane
Singapore 189248

05:30pm - 12:00am

05:30pm - 11:30pm


05:30pm - 11:30pm

05:30pm - 11:30pm

05:30pm - 11:30pm

05:30pm - 12:00am



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Our main tonight were both Black Grouper but done different ways. The Roasted Black Grouper had the crispy finishing the way we liked it. Served in mussel vichyssoise gravy with dill oil and masala spice, it was tasty with a touch of Indian flavour.
The 2nd Black Grouper was done Cantonese style, in clear broth with Lala and sweet potato noodles. This was lighter but no lesser in flavour than the former.
Whether roasted or baked, both were nicely done to allow one to taste the freshness of the fish. Of cos, they offered a whole lot more great seafood direct from the Kelong on their menu, many which we would return for.

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We also ordered curry mussels to share, and it was delish!!!!

It was actually my first visit at Scaled. You can actually enter from Bar Stories now, as they actually do collab in a sense that you can enjoy crafted cocktails from Bar Stories, while having lovely seafood dinner by Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong.

Great vibes, friendly staff, good drinks and yummy food, thats all what you need for a night dining out.

Will definitely come visit again. Highly recommend!

This is one of my favorite dishes! The sauce just goes so well with the LaLa and garlic confit toast. Don’t miss order this one guys.


Crazy fresh prawns, roasted with a slap of homemade seaweed butter, then graced with kombu that’s been seasoned with soy, mirin and sake. This is how the sweet and the savoury from the sea frolicked together so joyfully on the platter, before disappearing into the Mariana Trench of my belly.


The freshness of this Black Grouper was apparent to us even after it had been roasted, served in a mussel vichyssoise flavoured with aromatic garam masala spices, and topped with roasted oyster mushrooms as well as pickled shimeji mushrooms.
Even though this wasn’t the last dish of the night, the hearty portion ensured both my friend Andrea and I were pretty stuffed to the gills by the time we were done here.


“Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong” did a spin on the Singaporean classic dish of “chilli crab” by cleverly turning it into a more substantial carb dish to include in their 4-course dinner set.
I really liked how they buried loads of corn kernels in the chewy risotto and laid pieces of sweet-fleshed flower crab and an onsen egg on the top. The thick sauce itself was fragrant, complex and flavourful from crab bisque, candlenut, chilli, egg and cilantro oil. What I also appreciated was the level of spiciness here. They didn’t play it coy, so there’s definitely quite a kick but that’s precisely what makes this so shiok.


Fragrant and thick, the housemade curry gravy in this bowl of mussels surprised as it was not done in a tangy style like I’d expected. To me, the aroma and taste of the spices resembled that of a good curry chicken more. Nonetheless, it paired well with the large and very juicy mussels. Speaking of which, the shellfish served here have all been foraged in Singapore waters by the Ah Hua Kelong team. So they’re uncompromisingly fresh. I also found the flesh to be softer, less rubbery than most of the imported ones. And yes, I may be stating the obvious but I found the best way to enjoy the curry was by dunking the hot-from-the-fryer “mantou” buns in it. Munching on the soppy, gravy-saturated buns was so satisfying.


A must have, and a personal favourite! XL sweet clams, with a hint of miso that is as delish, as it looks. Every bite, tasted like the sea with a good balance of salty and sweetness of the clam flesh. Well washed the clams do not leave any gritty sandy feel.


If you’re ever in Haji Lane, in search for good food and drinks, you have to be there. Fresh, and sourced daily from local farms, you will be sure that the seafood is of top-notched quality.
Take this plate of sea bass pate, smoked mixed with cream cheese, this buttery pate, is smooth like a baby bottom. Light, but distinct, certainly go well with the toasted baguette, or on it own. The tobiko, adds a nice pop to every bite, perfect for sharing with a nice cocktail to boot.


Started by fish farm and wholesaler Ah Hua Kelong, this restaurant in Haji Lane (it shares space with hip cocktail bar Bar Stories) is perfect if you're in the mood for a seafood feast. Consider starting with the Curry Mussels ($16 with deep-fried mantou, $18 with pasta). The mussels are plump and fresh, and the gravy certainly made an impression on Burpple Tastemaker Amanda Liu, who declared she would gladly drink it all down. Take Tastemaker Zhihui Lim's advice to go for the mantous, which are great for mopping up all that luscious curry. Another interesting dish is the Confit Seabass ($20), served on a base of hummus. The fish, like most of the seafood here, was super fresh and cooked in a way that offered a hint of plum-like sweetness. Mix things up with an order of Braised Beef Shin ($22), fork-tender yet retaining a good bite, served with torched potato mash, broccoli and crisp barley chips. If you fancy a tipple, the bartenders at Bar Stories would be happy to shake up a bespoke cocktail for you (average price $20-$25).
Avg Price: $60 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Zhihui Lim


Confit Seabass was very interesting, using hummus instead of your usual western fare of potatoes as carbs. Seabass was so fresh and perfectly cooked, smooth, soft yet firm. This dish tastes generally on the bland side - the lemon-dill vinaigrette didn't help with boosting flavours, but the sweet-tangy black bits that reminded us of plum (felt like something from a Chinese dish) was quite a refreshing idea!


Thankfully we abided by Van's wishes of ordering a non-seafood item (and the only one on the menu) here.

The Braised Beef Shin was surprisingly well-executed! Flavourful, fork-tender beef, served with mash that could be smoother but it was so delish with the braised sauce. Served also with crisp barley bits and broccoli that helps to feel like I'm eating (slightly) clean 😂 Very comforting bowl with the flavours and textures complementing well.


One of my favourite go-tos for seafood ($19 seabass!!!!), Ah Hua Kelong, has partnered with Bar Stories!

So yep - fresh seafood, bespoke cocktails and a great place to chill. The food menu was limited with only 5 big/ 5 small plates, but we still had a difficult time deciding what to order cos everything sounded great.

The mussels were fresh, very plump and sweet, and curry had a good spicy kick. Not the best curry around but I quite enjoyed it. There's the option of mantou ($16) or pasta ($18) and needless to say, we had to get the addictively crisp, fluffy Mantous. This pairing with curry is one of my greatest weakness - wish I didn't have to share them. And so we added on more mantou to get allllll the curry (which was too pricey $2/pcs?!?! but ugh so shiok.) 🤤

Sharing premises with a hip cocktail bar, Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong is situated inside Bar Stories at Haji Lane. And if like me, you have never heard of them, Ah Hua Kelong is a fish farm located off Changi with a hawker stall at Bedok Marketplace as well as a kiosk at Pasarbella. Hence, the first restaurant concept by the local fish wholesaler, Scaled has a menu consisting a handful of small and big plates - mainly modern seafood tapas.

Yet better known for their seafood, I was most impressed by the Braised Beef Shin ($22), the only dish that doesn’t use seafood as their main ingredient. Flavours were spot-on and perfect especially after our traumatic GRAB ride (a longgg story). Savoury and tender, the braised beef falls apart easily and was thankfully not too gamey. A tad similar to the classic and everyone’s favourite British layered casserole with the pleasing combination, the mash atop was smooth and came slightly torched - just loving that tinge of smokiness. Not forgetting the nice bit of crunch from the crispy barley chips and broccoli, lending extra textures to the bowl.

What’s more, to end things off on a sweeter note, pair the reinterpreted cze char fare with fancy cocktails as Bar stories customise and craft the drinks based on the flavour profiles of each individual. So enjoy an intimate dining experience while slurping on your own unique blend.


You would have probably been to Bar Stories for their amazing cocktails, but did you know that Ah Hua Kelong is now permanently based there as well?

With seafood farmed locally within our shores, the exciting seafood tapas menu is something you'd want to pair your cocktails with!

One of the items we tried was Curry Mussels with Mantou ($16). Alternatively, you can opt for Pasta instead for $18!

Although I'm not a mussels lover, I had a go at one piece & I must say, fresh mussels definitely does taste a whole ton better. The plump & juicy meat absorbs the curry so well, that the fishy taste that I was afraid of was eliminated.

The curry recipe was inspired by Chef Ben's grandma, so it sure tastes of home! It was soooo good that the stipulated portions of mantou was not enough, resulting in having to order more to wipe out the curry. If I could, I'd happily drink the curry down just like that cause it was THAT good.

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