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Located at 2 Seah Im Road, Seah Im Food Centre unit 01-53, Singapore 099114. .
Mixed Curry Rice, $4. Spoilt for choices here, we have a hard time choosing what we want because everything looks so delicious here! Cabbage, Long beans with beancurd, braised pork belly and pork chop strips! We specially love their pork chop strips, it’s in total crackling crunchy crispy!! Those gravy over the white rice are so addictive and mouth-watering! There so so generous in their serving, this big plate cost only $4! .
#hungryunicornsg #khengnamlee #curryrice #seahimm

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Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Because the owner wants ayam penyet 😂

Back here to fulfil some ayam penyet craving but not as impressed this round because I found the chicken to be overly oily this time and the rice was not as fragrant as it was. But the chicken thigh was still moist and tender despite being deep fried; a comforting meal still nonetheless!


A simple side dish with few ingredients; cucumber, beansprouts, fried beancurd and of course the peanut sauce. It’s not an amazing dish I gotta be honest, but they were really generous with the overflowing peanut sauce which had a good amount of chunky chopped peanuts, imparting a nice roasted flavor to the block of fried beancurd. Slightly spicy though. Love the added crunch from the beansprouts for an addition to the texture.

Always seeing a queue forming in front of this stall. Gado gado was average too, but seems like the more popular dish was the Mee Rebus.

📍 Haji Daliman Korner


Crusty bottom with generous serving of oysters! It’s “gooey” in the middle too which makes the contrast in texture extremely delightful. ❤️

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Been having cravings for black carrot cake for the longest time and this is really one satisfying plate! The pieces are unlike your usual ctk, they are larger and plumper, making your every bite more flavourful! Plus there’s a distinctive wok hey taste and I guess that’s what everyone likes in a good lo’ ctk.

It’s a simple, highly affordable and satisfying meal with tasty ingredients and a light but flavorful soup packed with cabbage. My favourite was probably the soft beancurd with fish paste stuffing. Also liked the addition of garlic bits that enhanced the soup.
⚠️ Known to have a long queue but going on a Saturday lunch time, I barely waited 5mins for my food 👍🏼
📍Tian Ji Niang Dou Fu, #01-52, Seah Im Food Centre, 2 Seah Im Road

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