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From the Burpple community

After the renovation, decided to give it a try and was passing by.

Although the low price of hokkien mee has been removed and fried oyster had increase for the large portion has increase in price, it didn't affect me that much as I still order the usual portion of $4 each.

Hokkien mee was generous with 4 prawns and fried oyster quantity is huge for the price.

Really miss it when I was working nearby

Ordered a largest portion for oyster for only $5. Obviously can't compare to those popular brand but quantity is huge and got work hey. They have more of the potato starch and lesser egg to justify the price.

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Chance upon this giant Thai Milk Tea for $3.50 it is not bad and worth the money

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Ordered this duck noodle ($3.50) from all Noodle store. I find it not bad and they were generous with the meat. However, not as flavorful as an actual duck stall but still good.

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spent $5plus for 2pax indian rojah yummy and delicious. sauce is spicy worth to try


For $5.50, you could get a decent curry chicken rice with egg from Good Time Kitchen stall here. They are generous with the curry gravy and chicken meats. Do note that it also comes with lots of spring onion.