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Barbecue sets ($6.50-$7.50), Soondubu Jigae set ($6). If you have been to NUS UTown, it’s hard to miss Hwang’s Korean restaurant. Popular choice for dining in the university for homely Korean food at affordable prices. There are 10 different mix and match combinations of marinated barbecued beef, pork, chicken and mackerel on the menu. Stealing a bite off the sister’s bento set, I must say that the Dak Bulgogi or spicy marinated chicken, was really tender! The sweet and savory notes encompasses a hint of nuttiness, but could do with more grill. I had the Soondubu Jigae, or spicy tofu soup with egg. Simple ingredients included tofu, egg, minced pork and some spring onion. Spicy level was way lower than the average Soondubu Jigae. All sets include egg roll, kimchi and vegetable of the day. They also serve Kimbab, Dokpokki, Samgye Tang and Japchae Bokkeum. Weekly promotion of a rotating free side dish - spicy radish kimchi this week. Delivery available for West and Central areas. Ours was delivered by the boss himself! Check out their facebook page at hwangskoreanrestaurant for more details and menu. #savefnbsg #loveyourlocalsg
Miss Ha
Hwang’s (Indoor PGP Canteen) Just moved into PGP @ NUS! $4.80 for a generous serving of beef in a hotplate served with seaweed soup 👌🏻
Korean Lunch Kalbi Tang (S$6.50) Beef 🐄 Rib Soup Served with rice 🍚 and 2 side dishes . Kimbap (S$2.50) Available at @NUS_Singapore The kimbap was rice roll stuffed with shredded carrot 🥕, cucumber 🥒, crab 🦀 stick, sausage, omelette and pickled radish. The clear flavourful soup came with boned meat. Not bad but lacking of veggies. . Hwang’s Korean Restaurant Address 🏠 : 1 Create Way, # 01-09 Create Town, University Town @ National University of Singapore, Singapore 🇸🇬 138 602 Tel ☎️ : 9833 0603 Open 💈 : Mon - Sat : 10.30am - 9pm MRT 🚇 : Kent Ridge (CC24)
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Army Stew [17 Feb 2020] I can't remember if this was the spicy chicken stew or Wonda's army stew, but i reckon it's the latter because I would be keen to order if it's listed as army stew in the menu. Anyway it looks like army stew too so yeah. Basically it's a hearty pan of stew, filled with the usual ingredients you would expect in an army stew. I like how the cheese is folded in already! Initially I thought it wouldn't be filling, but I was wrong. And I was very satisfied by the flavours. It's so hard to find army stew for one, and I'm glad I have found this! Can't wait to go back and have another round after the CB is over! (and if they have cold noodles that would be the best, because I went there back then for the cold noodles.)
Wei Ting
Sunset Cold Brew Tonic [17 Feb 2020] I found it quite adventurous to try such a combination - cold brew + orange juice - and I was really pleased to find it so refreshing! It's suitable to drink in the hot summer days because adding milk would make the drink heavier and can get jelak after a while.
Wei Ting
Had a great lunch that day with friends at Two Cranes, a minimalistic Korean-fusion cafe located in the north east (Kovan) of Singapore. It was my first time visiting this cafe and the food certainly left a good impression. Highly recommend the Spicy Chicken Stew ($13.50), which is served with crab sticks, baked beans, luncheon meat, noodles, vegetables and rice cakes all simmering in a tasty broth. A hearty and affordable meal that’s good for sharing amongst 2! We also tried dishes like the Mix Rice Bowl ($12), Kimchi Fried Rice ($10), Chicken Wings ($12) and Glass Noodle Dumplings ($6) that certainly left us all belly-satisfied! If you’re looking for unconventional wallet-friendly cafe food in the heartlands, this is definitely a place worth checking out.
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Boiled Or Barbecued? Very mediocre dining bbq buffet experience at this place. The side dishes were decent, while the soup was pretty good. However, given that the bbq meats were really off the mark, I’m forced to give this place a subpar rating, despite the reasonable price. The meats were either strange in flavour or really bland, probably contributed by the unusual bbq cooking method - steel plate lined with baking paper with very weak fire. The meat tasted as though they were boiled in plain water and not barbecued like they are supposed to. Will not recommend this place to anyone for their bbq, if you’re forced to eat here maybe you’ll have more luck with their ala cart stews.
Ala-carte Buffet Dinner Picked MARU as a spot for our yearly Chinese New Year gathering with a couple of friends — pretty satisfied with the spread here. No doubt this isn’t the free-flow style buffet that one can help themselves to the counter, but the ala-carte buffet here certainly still feeds us pretty well. For $21 (before service charge), they were pretty generous with the banchan while also comes with soup on the side, Kimchi Pancakes and Gimbap altogether. The meats were also pretty decent without being excessively heavy on flavour — didn’t find ourselves getting too jelak over the meats nor dousing water constantly throughout the meal. Was also pretty impressed that the servers were also getting round the tables helping out with the cooking of the meats (which included different cuts of chicken, pork and beef marinated in various styles); a good deal considering the price. No doubt it lacks the fun that other places have considering the variety is pretty limited (no seafood nor much vegetables to go with on the grill) and for the fact that it isn’t a self-service buffet concept, but the quality and service did certainly made up for it at the price. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable Chinese New Year gathering spots that we have had over the past few years.
Xing Wei
Korean BBQ Looking for buffet under $25? 🍴Come down to Maru BBQ. 2 hours of eating time, $21++ per pax for Adult Dinner and $14++ for Adult Lunch. The staff here are really nice as they cook for you while you are busy peeling off prawn shells or chewing the meat. The place is well air conditioned and ventilated as well.💯 What's there to think?🤔 ✔Service || ✔Value || ✔Quantity Nearest MRT station is Beauty World. It's a walking distance to the famous prata, Al-Azhar as well!!! 😍
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