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Hot 100 2019
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Oh my, How could i resist? This was one of my favourite under their family of cruffin flavours in store! 💜💜💜💜💜 • [NEW‼️‼️‼️] 💁🏻‍♀️ 1️⃣ Purple sweet potato cruffin: SGD5 🍠 - Crispy and flaky on the outside, generously filled with their homemade sweet potato paste. I thought the flavour was quite distinctive - (Good thing here it wasn’t sweet!) There was no denying in it’s deliciousness. PS: Please consider making this permanent on the menu 🙇🏻‍♀️☺️ • You are NOT going to want to miss out on these sweet treats - A pastry cabinet that will make your jaw drop and your mouth salivate, make your way to: Keong Saik Bakery
41 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089146📌📌📌 • #burpple
Matcha Cruffin I’ve been wanting to try this forever! I always go for the most recommended Sor-Hei bun (which is really good, by the way) but I finally got to try this cruffin. The croissant exterior was really crispy and buttery, and the matcha cream was rich-tasting and smooth.
Oh My Goodness Came here for the burnt cheese cake after seeing raving reviews on social media. We had the two face burnt cheese cake and it was indeed awesome! We also had the kopi susu (chinese style latte) which was something different but a double shot will be good too bad the staff doesn’t know what that mean. The place is a bit cramp and narrow not very comfortable to hang around for long. They do have some other bakeries up for grab and free wifi. Will certainly come back for the burnt cheese cake but probably to go.
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Hot 100 2019
Blackened (not burnt) Barramudi (Burpple Beyond 1-for-1) Featuring the 1. Blackened Barramudi $28 (with Squid Ink, Pistachio Pesto and Spiced Sprout Salad)! Fish was cooked perfectly and it was a great combination with the sauce and mushrooms! As I was using #burpplebeyond, we paired this with the 2. Smoked Lamb Ribs ($26) plus another 1-for-1 of the stuffed pitas. We got the 3. Veggie Dreams Eggplant ($15) and 4. Steak and Cheese ($18). Both were delicious as well! We had to be seated outside because it was full. It's a small place so it's better to make a reservation. The service was great too, so no complains. The only thing to note when claiming the 1-for-1 deal is that they will deduct the dishes with the lower prices! It doesn't matter how u want to pair them! I thought they would deduct the $26 and $15, but instead they deducted $15 and $18. Now I know!
Lamb Rib Tender and soft, no gamey taste at all. Portion is really small though
Burrple Beyond: Blackened Barramundi Trying something different from my usual sashimi dons/grain bowls! This was surprisingly good. The meat of the barramundi was soft and flaky while the squid-ink crust added a nice bite to the dish. I really liked the accompanying mixed sprouts salad that had a refreshing dressing to it. Do get their wood-fired sourdough which we later paired with the avocado sauce on this plate. 💯 However, at a price of $28, it is a tad pricey and I would only come back if there are still burrple discounts!
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Scrambled Free-range Eggs Starting the day right with Micro Bakery & Kitchen’s Scrambled Free-range Eggs ($14) and a side of buttery avocado ($3). Stacked on warm sourdough toast, the eggs were a teensy bit more set than I preferred but were seasoned perfectly and just look at the beautiful folds. Sprinkled with furikake and almonds, the bright fluffy blanket was also offered added bits of crunch and a good dose of umami from the condiments. The seared seasonal greens had a nice char and aroma, too. And of course, the bread itself was tender in the centre and had a really pleasant honey-like sweetness that offset the sour tang of the dough.
For Dang Good Toasts Come during off-peak hours to get a seat at this tiny cafe (all al fresco!) at Serene Centre. Request for a water bowl for your pooch while you fill up on their creamy Scrambled Eggs ($12) topped with furikake, served on a slice of buttered sourdough toast — extra yummy with a side of avocado ($2). Otherwise, their creamy yet light House Ricotta Tartine ($12) served with roasted tomatoes, baby spinach and basil should do the trick. For a snack, opt for a simple Sourdough Toast ($6) with butter, salt and pepper. P.s Get an extra dollop of jam for just a dollar. Photo by Burppler Yvonne Soong
Sourdough Toast w/ Butter Add-onJam ($6+$1) 2 slice of toast with butter, salt and pepper add-on jam. One slice of toast was buckwheat the other country (I think). The country toast goes very well with butter, salt and pepper while buckwheat goes well with butter and jam. I loveee their buckwheat bread. It has a unique taste and is not commonly found elsewhere. It is my default choice of bread to take home whenever I’m here. The chocolate zucchini rye cake ($5) is average. It is a slightly dry, coarse rustic chocolate cake with strips of visible zucchini and some chocolate chips. I wish there are more chocolate chips to add more richness and moisture to the cake. Cappuccino is good.
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