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For 1-for-1 Buffet (save ~$30) Your next weekend fam lunch should look a lot like this: Value-for-money Korean-fusion BBQ with over 50 items, including 13 (!) different flavours of pork belly. Photo by Burppler Jean W
For a Korean BBQ Buffet Lunch with the Fam Located along Dunlop Street, this cosy, value-for-money Korean-fusion joint makes a great spot for lunch with the fam. Young and old are bound to appreciate the BBQ Buffet ($30 per pax), which features over 50 items from tteokpokki (rice cakes) to meats. Take Burppler Ivan Teh's lead and go for the 13 different types of marinated pork belly, his favourites being the refreshing Herb and the locally-flavoured Lychee. Don't miss out on the fluffy made-to-order waffles as well! Photo by Burppler Iris Lim
Reserved Thoughts On Korea BBQ A Local Taste Was finding a Korean bbq place for a family treat and found this hyper bbq hideout on the web that was popular among singaporean but also recommended by various food blogs ( media interview) and also sold out reservations in most of the weekends. The review and its facebook page share of its famous variety of flavoured pork ;beef and chicken with pork having the largest selection of flavours ranging from lychee to curry taste. Despite the word “fusion” is used in this bbq place which also serve steamboat at its ground floor situated in 2 storey shophouse where bbq is on 2nd floor. The food in my opinion has failed to meet a minimal satisfaction in term even the prices are the same as those major Korean bbq food franchises. The store has a 4 yrs history. In summary here are the honest info in my opinion for foodies as references : Pros: 1. There is no time limit for the bbq meaning you can eat from lunch to dinner but if you intend to do so then you have to be prepared to pay for dinner price then. We book at 3 pm but finished at 5pm. 2. The staffs are attentive enough to address to our needs and even help us to change table and provide us fresh utensils when they want us to move to give up table for larger crowd. 3. Waffles are something new which the staff will make as first order for you which took 10 minutes. 4. So far meat marinating has no msg especially gong pao chicken which proofs that. So is the pork collar meat which was the only better choice of variety for the meat. 5. They used Teflon sheet on hot plate which I think is good and innovative as it doesn’t burn the food that easily and is easy to replace rather than constant changing of the hot plate and is speedy. Cons: 1. Most marinating of meat are either bland or overpowering like lychee pork belly which simply taste like sugar syrup and wonder why most food blog stated it has strong lychee taste. Turn out another table guest actually asked for waiter for the same enquiry and it was answered as lychee is sweet that’s all - u to decide. 2. Houseflies - despite within an aircon room ; our food was constantly visited by houseflies and since the food station is also open concept thus it becomes a concern. 3. Lack of varieties as it deem as fusion ; is more like given same common cut but marinated in different sauces and lack what Korean bbq should have in term of meat cut like beef short ribs. 4.Seafood disappointment on the bamboo clams are huge discount despite I think good intention for owner to supply high end seafood but it failed badly simply the bamboo clams are filled with sand when chew on ; we have to discard whole lot. 5. The air vent to suck in all oily fumes produced by bbq are almost powerless and despite we asked if it can turned up ; we will instead told is due to aircon facing us; after moving to next table ; the fumes suction didn’t seems to improve and we ended overwhelmed from head to our bags with bbq Smokey and oily smell. Additionally no storage of bags to avoid that smell neither. 6. The topping up may seem slow which was assume that is cross over from lunch to dinner as a few items we have requested was not ready except when we are done and dinner time started. 7. Parking is inconvenient since is situated along Dunlop Street but is near to Jalan Besar mrt if you want to come visit.” Overall ; suitable for those who wants cheap and endless fill of meats without breaking your bank and no time limit and hope the owner can improve on those above mentioned points after seeing my post which I believe will make this bbq place a worthy place again for Long lasting returning customers-every customers walked out seems unsatisfactory and were commenting or complaining in someway since we sat near the cashiers. Prices and time are available at their fb page.
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Hyang Yeon Lunch Set ($12) Ssul Lung Tang is a milky beef soup made from broth that has been simmered for hours with beef legs bones. The soup however turned out to be rather light and unflavourful as compared to the thick-richness I was hoping to get. Other than some brisket pieces and sweet potato noodles in the soup, it was too "qing" but comforting at the very least.
Fantastic Korean!! Deeeelicious, Value For Money & Pretty authentic korean Food In Chinatown!! I Think this has to be My New Favourite Korean Restaurant! My Seafood Stew Came Bubbling Hot With Lots Of Seafood! Sides Were good As Well And we could get free flow salad from the salad bar too! What I really liked was the smaller portions of seafood pancake - just right for 2 persons for ($8 ish). Usually at other korean restaurants we have to order a large pancake for around $20 and try to stuff down the extras! Will defo defo come again!
Special DIY Lunch Set - Take Your Pick! Customize everything! Choose your main(s), select your preferred type of kimchi, pick which rice you’d like, and even get to choose the combination of side dishes you like! For $12-13, this is pretty fantastic. It comes with free flow salad from the salad bar. Got myself the kimchi and tofu soup which wasn’t too spicy for me. There was waaaay too much kimchi in there 😂 I didn’t quite like the taste of their side dish kimchi though. Spicy and slightly bitter. And this restaurant is run by Koreans 😆 I will 100% come back again to try the other mains or even dinner!! 🤤🤤🤤
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Korean BBQ Feasted at all you can eat in 90minutes, Korean BBQ Buffet @bugisjunctionxbugisplus #daessiksinkoreanbbq By far the best value for my $$ with weekday Lunch At 14:90 per person, you can’t ask for more. A wide array of marinated meats,salads, soups, fruits , hot and cold beverages and lastly dessert. The best part was the staff were pretty prompt at replenishing the meats etc, given the high demand and yes, you cook it all right at your table. It’s almost smoke free😋😋👏 Daessiksin Korean BBQ Buffet is at 201 Victoria Street, Bugis Plus #04-05. On weekdays, Lunch: $14.90 adult, $8.90 child; Dinner: $24.90 adult, $18.90 child.......Weekends, PH and eve of PH: All-day: $24.90 adult, $18.90 child.
[Daessiksin by MOF] Not sure why but I just feel so lethargic & unmotivated this week. All I want to do now is to sit down, not care about anything else and enjoy all the BBQ meats to my tummy's content. Food therapy at its best. At only S$14.90++ per pax for their #koreanbbq weekday lunch buffet, I thought the selection of meats here was not bad. Totally ❤️ the bacon, bulgogi beef, marinated pork ribs & spicy chicken that were beautifully marinated and tasted excellent when paired with pickled radish & kimchi. The cooked food section wasn't spectacular but the crispy fried potatoes were pretty moreish. 👍🏼
Korean BBQ Lunch Buffet Only $14.90++ for the lunch buffet. You have 2hours from the time you enter to eat your fill of a nice spread of meats - bulgogi, spicy chicken, pork belly, bacon and beef short rib, various cooked items and side dishes. My greatest KBBQ peeve are meats full of tendon. The meats we had here were free of tendon, fresh and the marinades were really tasty. 😋 The restaurant was also so well-ventilated! Would recommend for a simple but satisfying KBBQ feast ☺️
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Amazing Korean BBQ Stumbled across this unassuming spot near the gym, #CheatmealSunday & we were so glad we gave it a try. So many options of meat, fish, prawn, particularly loved the pork chop, ribeye cuts, pork belly + the variety of vegetables, sauces and kimchi. Includes the cooked buffet spread too! Definitely try the rice cakes, kimchi stew and seafood pancake! At $25.80++, this was certainly well worth the spend!
Korean BBQ buffet At A Reasonable Price You may miss this korean bbq buffet place at the corner along the katong area but it is definitely value for money! There are a number of choices of meat including beef (marinated or not), chicken and pork belly in wine, garlic or not marinated one! Free flow Hot dishes are served too and you can have korean pancake, fried chicken, a few types of kimchi or even have a bowl of soup while waiting for the food to be ready! Veg and different sauces are served just in case you would like to wrap the meat while eating. The staffs are really friendly and they can address everything quickly. Recommended if you’re looking for korean bbq buffet at the east side.
Good Value Korean BBQ Buffet In Tanjong Katong I admit that I rarely go for Korean BBQs, let alone Korean BBQ Buffets. So I am not the best judge of them but I really liked my dinner at #DanjiSg a lot. Owned by a friendly Korean Chef-owner whom you'll notice popping in and out of the kitchen often to check on things, I get this feeling this is a place where pride is taken in everything they do. The elegant Korean lady manager may not speak much English but she has a very pleasant demeanor about her as she walks around to clear dishes, and doesn't hesitate to help clean the grilling pan when she sees it getting gunky from use. For the price (all listed below), I think their spread is impressive, especially for the meats to be barbecued. There're big, thick slices of pork belly dressed either in wine, garlic and Korean spicy bean paste, marinated beef short rib and beef brisket (my favourite - it's so buttery!). You can help yourself to the pile of fresh lettuce, sliced raw garlic, whole green chillies and different sauces to wrap the grilled meats in too. Seafood lovers will be pleased to know Danji offers really big prawns, squid and fish too (but the fish nothing fancy - just the white cottony-soft type). Besides the above, the buffet includes classic Korean cooked dishes such as kimchi stew, ginseng chicken soup, chives pancake, chicken wings and a tasty stirfried "japchae" (glass noodles). There's freeflow of rice, Korean tea and water. Dessert is simple cut fruit. I am glad the chef-owner does not display a huge amount of food at one go but does top-ups regularly instead. It's wonderful to see the focus is on having food taste fresh rather than simply going for a "wow" visual factor. Buffet prices are as follows: Weekday Lunch (11.30am to 2.30pm): Adult $15+, Child (4-12yrs) $8+ Weekday Dinner (5.30pm to 10pm): Adult $22+, Child $16+ Weekend & Public Holiday (11.30am to 10pm): Adult $24.80+, Child $16+ Address: 188L Tanjong Katong Road Tel: 6348 1244
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Chicken 🐓 + Soju It’s Friday Finally! Thinking 💭 of the last nite meal at @chickenupsg Pineapple 🍍 Soju (S$30++) Served in a pineapple 🍍 in a bowl packed with ice cubes and LED light 💡 . . Yangnyum Chicken 🐓 Wings (S$12++) Sweet and tangy chicken 🐓 wings with a little bit of chilli spice. Handled with disposable gloves 🧤 with care ‘cos pipping hot. . Fried Chicken 🐓Gizzard (S$8++) Mix-marinated chicken 🐓 gizzard and spicy sauce coated with spicy flour and topped with fried garlic. Chewy and addictive. . Chicken Up Address 🏡 : 48 Tanjong Pagar Road, # 01-01 Singapore 🇸🇬 088 469 Tel ☎️ : 6327 1203 Open ⏰ : Mon - Thu : 5.30pm - 2am Fri - Sat : 5.30pm - 3am Sun : 5.30pm - 12am Website 🌐 : http://www.chicken-up.com MRT 🚇 : Tanjong Pagar (EW15)
UFO Platter Of Goodness Fried squid with tteokbokki; kimchi fried rice, steamed egg, cheese, fried dumplings, creamed corn. Everything on the platter was good, but the steamed egg really stood out to me 😍 slurps. Super worth it with the entertainer 1-1
An Ning
Popcorn Chicken In Yangnyum Sauce ($20) Had ganjang soya half chicken, bulgogi pancake and popcorn chicken in yangnyum sauce. Enjoyed the popcorn chicken the most because it suits lazy people like me who wanna enjoy chicken bites at the same time (though it is a bit pricey compare with the portion). The bulgogi pancake is a interesting try but was a bit messy when you are having it since they put beef in between two pieces of pancake. The soya half chicken is too salty for us.
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Buffet Dinner In The West A pretty fine spread of meat n limited seafood. Got salad, vegetables n ice cream as well as cook food. We added $1 per pax to have steamboat as well as bbq, total bill is $70.39 for a Sunday Dinner.
For Wallet-Friendly Korean BBQ This popular Korean chain restaurant is one for meat lovers. They offer unlimited quantities of well-marinated meats, from beef ribeye to pork belly and spicy chicken, as well as a modest seafood selection that includes fresh prawns and squid. The no-frills chain restaurant offers lunch at $19.90 and dinner at $29.90, making it a great place for penny-pinching students, or large groups who want to feast without burning a hole in their pockets. There is a two-hour time limit, so pace yourself and eat till you drop! If you need a break from the meats, go for cooked dishes like japchae, Korean rice cakes and Korean pancakes. The Orchard Central outlet on the seventh floor often sports a long, snaking queue and is mostly alfresco seating so if you prefer to cook in comfort, head to their new outlet at Westgate instead — it is fully air-conditioned! Avg Price: $35 per person Photo by Burppler Ang Ming Kang
Korean BBQ &Steamboat K.Cook Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet has opened a new outlet at Westgate! Boasting over 30 types of fresh meats, vegetables and ingredients to give you an unforgettable dining experience, this is the first Korean restaurant to have BBQ and steamboat together. Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg
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