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Mini Kaya Croissant (1 For $1.80, 3 For $4.90) Could mix and match with their mini early grey croissant. I ate the earl grey first which had a more solid filling, so I was not expecting the kaya filling to be so watery. I dripped everywhere. What a waste. It was quite sweet, but in a good way. Loads of coconut milk flavor. Very yummy.
🎶PERK me PERK me PERK me up~🎶 Need a morning perk-me-up? ✔ @paulbakerysg is my go-to breakfast place! ✌🏻 Offering a wide range of pastries, bread & desserts, I'm always spoilt for choice! 😍😍😍 . I like that they now have a takeaway breakfast set, reasonably priced at $5.90 for a cup of hot drink ☕ & 1 of their Top 6 pastries! 💯 Perfect for the busy bees like me - I can now munch on the delectable pastry & sip on my cuppa at the comfort of my office table! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 . I paired my Café Latte ☕ (U.P. $5.90) with a Croissant Amandes (U.P. $4.20)! Featuring a croissant 🥐 topped with almond slices, this made such an aromatic & sweet brekkie! 💕 The nutty flavour of the almond slices & sweet icing sugar complement the buttery & flaky pastry so so well! 😋
Breakfast On The Go Getting my breakfast set with @yuna_sootan from @paulbakerysg at @paragon.sg on the way to work. The Croissant Amandes which I got was not too sweet and packed with delicious almond flakes, paired well with the cappuccino to perk me up for the day! #PAULsg The #PAULsgBreakfast at $5.90 per set includes your choice of pastry from their TOP 6 picks with a hot drink and is available daily till 11.30am! Breakfast is now quick and fuss free, packed in an easy to hold carrier. Best of all.... no GST or service charge for the Breakfast takeaway set! #sp
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WhatSUB friends! Im having an awesome SUB here! 😋😋😋 . Although PAUL offers many types of sandwiches for takeaway, this Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($9.90) simply stole my heart! ❤ . JUST LOOK at how generous they are with the amount of smoked salmon slices! 😍😍😍 U can be guaranteed a good mouthful of that smoky & savoury goodness in every bite!! Yup, that's all i need! ✔ . Featuring sesame PAUL flûte laid with crunchy romaine lettuce, fresh juicy tomatoes & an entire stretch of soft smoked salmon, this really is my kind of sandwich! 💕💕 As my sandwich was freshly made, the exterior of my bread had a good crunch. Suggest to finish it off before it cools as it WILL get hard 😅 . Really liked the sesame atop the bread which added some fragrance & nutty flavours! 👍🏻 The lemon cream cheese spread also added a citrusy zest that complemented the smoked salmon very well! 😋 . Other sandwich choices include Salmon & Avocado ($9.90), Sesame Camembert ($7.80), Sandwich Dieppois (Tuna; $7.90), Viennois Dinde (Smoked turkey breast, $8.70) etc.. so spoilt for choice! 🤣
🍞 My ideal breakfast. Ham blanketed by cheese and omelette, resting on top a soft, delicate potato pancake. Toast crunchy, but soft enough that it’s easy to sink into. Bacon crispy and not too salty. Elements to a perfect meal. . 🥞: Omelette Complète, $16.90 🍴: PAUL Bakery, #03-16/16A/17, Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road @PaulBakerySG . #PaulBakerySG #Breakfast #Omelette
Seabass Fillet This Pan-fried Seabass Fillet was highly recommended by the staff but it failed to impress us. The portion was substantial which made it really value for money. 🤩 Props to the chunky & firm flesh with no fishy taste, which is an indication of its freshness. 💕👍🏻 However, the flesh tasted quite bland on its own - we could not taste the natural sweetness of the fish. 😔 . Since the flesh was plain-tasting, the sauce had a lot to do to pull this dish off. I was expecting some citrusy lemon cream, garlic herb or some red wine sauce with caramelised onion sauce to pair with the fish but instead, the sauce carried a very oriental flavour. 😂😂😂 Can’t really put my finger to it but it tasted really familiar - the same way my mum cooks a pan-fried fish at home! Like some hoisin & oyster sauce? 🤔 . Served with French beans & carrot purée on the side, this was decent but quite an average dish. Guess PAUL is still best at its bakes & pastries! 🤣
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Maison Kayser 03/06/19 Hey, so I stopped by Maison Kayser (Raffles Place) for tea break and to seek some reprieve from the heavy rain. Really enjoyed the (not so)light meal. Before I start, thought that I should share this, it is from their website, Their financiers are 'made of egg whites, almond powder, vanilla, sugar and premium butter'. Also, 'financier is the French, buttery and light version of sponge cakes'. So anyhow, was kinda greedy and ordered 3 things from here after a heavy meal at Golden Mile Food Centre: 1) Petite sugar briochette 2) Pistachio Financier 3) Chocolate Beignet Pistachio financier ($5.20) - Thick and dense - Strong notes of almond (So as seen from above, probably due to the almond flour that they used) - Subtle pistachio flavour; Would have personally liked it to be stronger - Personally, would have liked it less sweet and got quite cloying after awhile - Overall, a substantial dessert, probably good for sharing if you do intend to have a light tea break Overall: 6.5/10 Chocolate beignet ($1.50) - A beignet is basically a deep-fried choux pastry dough (Google) and in layman terms or rather, to me, it is basically a fluffy petitt doughnut - Fluffy, cloud-like texture - Thick gooey chocolate praline cream within the doughnut which was sinfully rich - Must try for chocolate lovers Overall: 9.5/10 Petit Briochette ($2.80) - Really airy and buttery, good bread to complement coffee - Little crunchy sugar bits at the top Overall: 9/10 Overall, My personal favourite would definitely be the chocolate beignet though it is probably the most calorie-dense item out of the 3. All the items were really good just that I will not recommend the pistachio financier if you are buying it because it says 'pistachio'. https://www.instagram.com/p/BySShgNg5yX/?igshid=5vmk1ralmhh2
MealPal #6/12: Le Thon Tuna Sandwich+drink [Non-MealPal price $15.90+] Pretty large sandwich. Quality bread as always but tuna a bit dry. Came with a massive cookie (not in picture) that lasted me the entire afternoon. You get to pick your own drink. 3.5/5.
Authentic French Cruise Mushroom Soup Set with lava cake & Apple tea. The lava cake would have been perfect if it was oozing! ($9.80 per set)
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3 Course Set Lunch This must be the best hidden secret at MBLM... 1. Appetiser -Vegetable quiche 2. Main course -Grilled barramundi with carrot purée 3. Dessert -Bread and butter pudding The barramundi was cooked to perfection with such a great crispy skin and the bread and butter pudding was so moist , buttery and flavourful . Set lunch going for 15.80 ++ and you get a 10 percent off if you use the Waitrr app to order and pay. This set lunch so worth every dollar of your money 😁
The mains and pastries are perfect. Chicken roulade stuffed with spinach and drizzle of wholemeal mustard on top was so perfectly tender and flavorful! As were the roasted potatoes. I felt like Christmas has came early 😍 The desserts were really worth it too. Had all these with the eatigo discount ho ho 😁😁
Good Pastry, Great Mains Cabillaud aux champignons ($29.90) Beneath that fancy name is a simple, yet sophisticated cod dish. Juicy, moist, and perfectly cooked filet of cod, atop a red wine sauce that sort of eases the juxtaposition between the earthy mushrooms and fresh cod. It's easy to go wrong with fish dishes, but Paul certainly nailed it here. Ordered the sirloin steak as well, and was blown away by the immense flavour and buttery texture that is reminiscent of Wagyu beef. Wasn't expecting much initially because Paul is known for their pastries and not their mains, but the quality of the steak really shone through. It was a pity that the tenderloin was sold out though. Ended off with waffles and chocolate ice cream. And while there's nothing really to shout about, the chocolate ice cream is rich, without having that bitter taste associated with dark chocolates. In fact, there was a rather subtle sweetness that really plays well with the waffles.
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