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Hot 100 2019
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CNY lunch We order the Yu Sheng, 2 meat and 2 veggies dishes with Burpple Beyond. Of course, we included the signature Char Siew and roast pork platter which was a pity if we didnt order that. The food was good but a little salty in our opinion.
Salted Egg Pork Was The Star Expected to love the char siew and roast pork more but really the salted egg captured my stomach. Char siew sauce felt too sweet and the mustard seemed too strong with the roast pork. No regrets ordering the salted egg pork
Just Keep
Sunday Dinner [Sunday dinner with Bae and fam] S$155 for 6 people with 3 Burple 1-for-1 coupons. We are super full afterwards and dabao’ed some food home. In summary, if you want to use the burple coupons, make sure you read the exclusions and choose accordingly (like we did!). Otherwise, just pick from the signature meats, get some nice veggies and white rice. **Signature meats** Charsiew and crispy roast pork belly are both $7.50 for 100g with minimum 300g per order. As a Cantonese who have spent the past 7 years in HK, I must say I hold a higher standard on these meats. Crispy roast pork (烧肉) is 👍🏼 - very crispy, tasty and not too fat. Charsiew is 😐 - there is a bit too much BBQ sauce. It tasted more like BBQ pork belly from a western restaurant than charsiew... We also had half a Jasmine roast duck ($27), and it was quite tasty. It’s not fat at all. **Other main dishes** We only ordered in the “main dish” because of the 1-for-1 coupon, as none of the signature meats qualify. We ordered beef with green pepper and roast pork belly with beancurd in casserole. Nothing to impressive and nothing to complain about. **Veggies** It’s weird to comment on veggies but I must say their veggies are beautifully cooked. 🥬 We had two veggie dishes (three treasures and stir fried kai lan) and I liked them both! **Fried Rice** We had XO sauce Charsiew fried rice and Yangzhou fried rice. Not super impressed but we are sold on the 1-for-1 coupon so whatever. If you are considering something to go with meat, white rice will do just fine.
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Burrito Tasted Bland And Undercooked Rosti 1. The burrito tastes bland and a bit dry. 2 Rosti with smoked salmon, smoked salmon is good but the Rosti a bit too undercooked and tasted raw. 3. Espresso pancake, the pancake is quite good actually but I dun understand the espresso cream and I will be happier with just good butter. Lastly they server, is always lookin into the distance away from the customers seated inside.
Taisho M.A.D Milk ($9) If you’re lactose intolerant but still want your milk-based coffee, rejoice! One of the rare few places that serves their own version of nut milk is Oriole Coffee + Bar! Made with almonds, macadamia and dates, Oriole’s M.A.D milk is sweet to taste, and actually much sweeter than normal milk thanks to the natural sweetness of dates. Adding in their Taisho Cold Brew made from their Raven blend, you get a sweet milky coffee that’s perfect for the insanely hot weather without feeling too guilty or have a stomach churning from your lactose intolerance.
Good Breakfast/Brunch In Town Ordered the Breakfast Burrito ($17) for breakfast and it was delicious. The scrambled eggs are a bit spicy probably due to the chipotle purée and to some extent the chorizo, but if you can take spicy food, you’ll probably like this. The guacamole can help to mild the spiciness a bit but I liked the flavour of the burrito on its own. Didn’t enjoy the pico salsa as the rawness of the onions overpowered everything else. The potatoes are crisp on the outside and nicely roasted but could do with more seasoning. Also ordered a hot mocha with MAD milk (which is macadamia, almond and date milk, $7 + $1.50). I really loved this, and could taste the fruity notes of their in-house roasted beans. The MAD milk was a good addition, as the nuttiness of the milk really elevated the taste experience. Do note that the MAD milk is subject to availability as it’s made in-house so the servers do have to check it it’s available for the day when you order. The coffee with MAD milk is definitely one of the things I would make a return trip for. Service definitely isn’t a strong point at this cafe. There were two staff members - the barista and the waiter when we arrived at 8am which is when they open. They didn’t even remove the rope closure at the front of the restaurant and the barista looked annoyed when we walked into the cafe to ask if they were open and where the menus were. Some things just don’t change, even with the renovation of the space. I had visited Oriole Cafe about 6 years ago for dinner, and the branch at Capitol to buy some beans and the service was just as non-existent those two times. Note that you can’t use the Entertainer app for breakfast items (which are served from 8am-6pm), whereas the mains are served from 11am. Thankfully there’s a 15% discount for the first half of 2019 when you pay with MasterCard so it’s a pretty nice and reasonably priced place to have breakfast or brunch in town :)
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Hot 100 2019
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Great Food Great Service Service was great, complimentary welcome drink. Food came very quickly. Burger was very good but fries were average. Beef cheek pasta was very tender. Great value
The Communal Place @thecommunalplace - Mains - Miso Salmon (💵S$18) Caramelised Salmon with glazed vegetables and Bouillabaisse foam (180g) . Salmon was executed well, not overcooked and the caramelised miso lends its sweet and savoury touch to balance the oiliness of the salmon. Thought that the Bouillabaisse foam was a gimmick, the glazed vegetables itself has enough characteristics on itself. . . The velvety mash potatoes on the other hand was truly outstanding due to the amount of butter used. Tasted very similar to Joel Robuchon’s famed mashed potatoes, god how have we lost a legend in the culinary world. If you haven’t tried his mashed potatoes, too bad they have closed their SG restaurant but you can have a inkling of how it tastes here.
Acamas Teo
[📍Singapore] Really impressed with the food & plating from The Communal Place!😍💯 The Beef Cheeks Ragu here is a simple yet delicious dish - the al dente pasta was well-coated with the sauce and the perfectly poached egg completed the dish. We also had the Chicken Roulade - chicken wrapped with bacon and mushroom, served with mash, brown sauce and veggies. The chicken was tender and bursting with flavour in every bite.🤤 I will definitely be back to try other dishes here! #thecommunalplace #sgfoodlover #chickenroulade #beefragu #beefragupasta #pasta #carbsarelife #sgfooddiary #sgfoodstagram #sgfoodtrend #sgcafe #sgcafehopping #sgfoodporn #sgfoodpic #sgfoodie #sgfoodies #sgfoodreview #sgfood #sgfoodhunt #sgcafefood #sgcafehunt #foodblogfeed #sgfoodblogger #sgfoodblog #sgigfoodies #sgeats #burpplesg #burpple #foreverhungry #burpplebeyond
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