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quesadilla party This place is absolutely buzzing on the weekends - was really lucky to snag a table on a Friday night! We tried the Carne Asada (beef, $19++) and Kimchi Pork ($18++). The quesadillas are not quite the usual - instead of being filled with cheese, the tortilla wraps were coated with it and grilled to crisp! It made for a sinfully good meal. Found the steak flavourful but a tad bit difficult to chew. The pork belly was more tender, and the kimchi within gave a delightful spicy zest that helped break up the savoury heaviness of the cheese. Both were topped with onions, cilantro, sour cream and chilli sauce! Plus points to Vatos for the complimentary starter - the nachos paired well with the tangy salsa and guacamole 馃憤馃徏馃専
Taco Sunday! Highly recommend the baja (fish) ($17 for 3). The chimichurri chicken is good and meaty too. My friends and I enjoyed also the prawn a previous visit. The carne asada is quite chewy and too spicy for us. Braised carnitas has a lot of meat but nothing special. I like soft flour tortillas and these were warm and super soft. Sundays happy hour is 12 noon to 7pm one for one certain beers. Really good value using #burpplebeyond
Always My Go-To For KoMex Cuisine!!! Pork Belly Tacos: 5/5 Chimichurri Chicken Tacos: 4/5 Kimchi Carnitas Fries: 4.5/5 & 2 pints of Stockade 8-bit IPA 馃構 It鈥檚 my fourth time back here and I鈥檝e ordered pork belly tacos every. Single. TIME!! They never disappoint. Fries were really great but could do with more cheese/sauce.
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Meaty Mondays Best Mondays While their 8 Colors Set is a little dear at $98++, you can rest assured that the pork being served is serious top shelf quality, as the pork is from the highly prized Hungarian Mangalitsa pigs. Those piggies are basically Hungary鈥檚 version of the famous Spanish Iberico pigs, and they are every bit as delicious. The eight marinades slathered on the pork bellies are (from lightest flavored to heaviest), original, wine, honey ginger, curry, herb, miso, red pepper paste and kalbi. While the first three marinades were effectively there only in spirit, it allowed the superb natural flavors of the pork belly to really steal the show. The pork is fatty but utterly unctuous, and so so tremendously tender. All the flavors taste exactly as expected, but the miso & kalbi marinated ones daintily danced away with my heart thanks their stellar flavors. There鈥檚 always a waitstaff who鈥檒l patrol your general area and cook your meats for you. They鈥檙e pretty on the ball too, so all you gotta do is kick back and turn those Monday blues into a Monday boom.
#韺旍儔靷缄补靷 8 Colours (Mangalica Pork Belly) Set. This $98++ set meal for 4 pax comes with a large chigae hotpot, fresh green lettuce, heaps of dangkong (soy sprouts) and kimchi on the hotplate placed strategically downstream of the pork (so that the veg gets cooked in blistering hot oil which oozes out naturally as the pork crisps). Drinks are extra charge, at $2 per large glass of iced poricha. Mangalica Pigs are small, cute and furry. This could have worked well in their favour had they not been so amazingly tasty and generously marbled as well. It is related to the European wild boar you see being roasted in Uderzo's comic strips, which I have wanted to eat when I was still Asterix's height. Mangalica samgyeopsal is amazingly well-suited for K BBQ's, as the founder of 8 Korea must have realised in a foodie eureka moment... I really learnt only five years ago on a family holiday that: pork bellies are tastier eaten only after they really really crisp, from a patient elder couple who ran a little samgyeopsal shop in Daehangno. This is somewhat surprising to me, because I have put many earlier meals of samgyeopsal with soju literally under my belt. Yet perhaps, it is not so surprising considering how soju can make one forget! Now that I think of it, this tallies well with a great aunt's recipe for loh bak, which also calls for sauteeing the pork belly till it blisters. I went to this restaurant at The Central on a weekend when it would be less crowded. #koreanfoodie
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Enjoyable Samgyeopsal Had the 4 flavor set pork belly and we chose garlic, herb, miso and kalbi. I like the miso and kalbi the most. We also had the tender and yummy wagyu ribeye ($88 for 200g), plus the flavorful seafood tofu stew. The only disappointment was the kimchi pancake which did not taste much of kimchi.
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Minimalist, Well-lit, Relaxing The interior decor here is bare & minimalist; the floor-to-ceiling windows that face the main road (Dunearn Road) let a lot of light in, which makes the space bright & welcoming. It wasn't crowded on a Saturday afternoon when I visited, & a nice chill playlist plays softly in the background while customers chit chat or do work. There is a study area of 8 small tables on one side, & the remaining other tables have "No Studying" signs next to them. Parking is free (though limited) at Sime Darby Centre on weekends - the parking lot is on level 2 right outside Cold Storage. But if you're taking transport, Kong Cafe is right next to King Albert Park MRT. 馃挸 Accepts credit cards 馃尙 Air-conditioned seats only 馃摱 Free WiFi available 馃挦 Water is not chargeable 馃檵馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 No service charge 馃毇 No GST
Easy Drinking Ordered a Flat White ($5.50 nett small, $6.50 nett large) to go with my brunch; got the large one at a promotional price of $6.00 nett. Pleasantly surprised at how easy this is to drink, yet has that oomph of a double shot of coffee to kick you awake. Would return here again for the coffee, to just spend time chillin' here. 馃挸 Accepts credit cards 馃尙 Air-conditioned seats only 馃摱 Free WiFi available 馃挦 Water is not chargeable 馃檵馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 No service charge 馃毇 No GST
Tastes Better Than It Looks 馃槀 Their menu is plastered all over their walls near the cashier, & I took some time to read through them. Eventually, I ordered the Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough Toast, which unfortunately is not available on its own. It's mandatory to order an add-on, which I think is quite a shame because I didn't actually want any of them - Hummus, Sausage, Homemade Chutney, Bacon. I decided on the sausage in the end, making my Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough Toast with Sausage $13.50 nett. This was served very quickly. It honestly doesn't look like much, but it tastes pretty good. The scrambled eggs are creamy & slightly runny, just the way I like them. I just admit that the sausage gives the dish saltiness in good proportion. The sliced sourdough bread was impressively toasted to perfection! Crust not too hard (still easy to bite into), & the soft part of the bread pillowy & fluffy. I do hope they consider putting just Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough Toast on its own on the menu. I'd frequent this place more often if they did. 馃挸 Accepts credit cards 馃尙 Air-conditioned seats only 馃摱 Free WiFi available 馃挦 Water is not chargeable 馃檵馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 No service charge 馃毇 No GST
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Korean Fusion BBQ (Dunlop Street) 06/09/19 Time limit: 100min (I think this applies only to Eatigo users) Price: $18.60 (After 50% Eatigo discount and 10% Service Charge) Note: No GST charge at this buffet A small obscure restaurant located on the second floor of a shophouse along Dunlop Street. They had quite a wide variety of marinades for the pork belly as well as a variety of different types of meat and meat cuts. In addition to the meats were the vegetables and pineapple (Probably canned) and watermelon. There was a waffle, ice cream and cooked food station as well. On top of that, they provide free-flow drinks for an additional $2.50 nett. Otherwise, you're strongly recommended to bring your own water. While there was a decent variety of meats, I wouldn't come back again, even with the 50% discount as none of the meats were high quality and none of the marinades stood out in particular apart from perhaps, the herbal pork belly. Price: 8/10 (This is after the 50% discount) Taste: 5.5/10 Ambience: 4/10 Overall: 5.5/10 (Would not be over 5 without the 50% discount) More pictures at: Full review at:
For 1-for-1 Buffet (save ~$30) Your next weekend fam lunch should look a lot like this: Value-for-money Korean-fusion BBQ with over 50 items, including 13 (!) different flavours of pork belly. Photo by Burppler Jean W
For a Korean BBQ Buffet Lunch with the Fam Located along Dunlop Street, this cosy, value-for-money Korean-fusion joint makes a great spot for lunch with the fam. Young and old are bound to appreciate the BBQ Buffet ($30 per pax), which features over 50 items from tteokpokki (rice cakes) to meats. Take Burppler Ivan Teh's lead and go for the 13 different types of marinated pork belly, his favourites being the refreshing Herb and the locally-flavoured Lychee. Don't miss out on the fluffy made-to-order waffles as well! Photo by Burppler Iris Lim
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