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For Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly Breads Situated along the same street, this bakery is positioned in between their retail store and restaurant near the Aljunied MRT station (1 min walk). It churns out a comprehensive variety of healthy and organic breads without the use of chemical additives, thereby allowing you to taste the natural abundance from within. I've purchased quite a few items but only pictured the above three. Strictly speaking, the bread itself tastes like those you get from your neighbourhood bakeries, but with a stronger fragrance (面包香). The red rice with almond (top right) has a surprise center consisting of mildly-sweet almond paste, while the charcoal red bean bun (bottom) is filled with red beans that were also mildly-sweet and evidently mashed by hand because of its rough texture. The price of each bun ranges from $1.60 to $2 - it's pretty pricey, but at least you know that you're eating only the good stuff. Also feel free to give the mini pastries (scone, blueberry tart and tau sar piah) a miss because they're not very well done, but you may want to try their eggless cakes!
Wan Ling
Almond Noodles Almond noodles $6 cheap and good!! The almond sauce was so fragrant and delicious. Yummly nutty. I like how it was thick enough to coat every stand of noodles. Almond flavour was really prominent. I also liked the fact that there was plenty of vegetables in it, ranging from grated carrot, sliced cabbage and pea sprouts (I think) They added a refreshing crunch to every bite. Good portion size and worth the money. They also serve many other healthy and organic dishes. And the prices are quite cheap for a restaurant-quality meal. ((On a side note, Place is air conditioned so you can enjoy food in comfort. They also have a market and bread shop just next to their restaurant. Don't be shy to pop by after your meal at their restaurant :))
Snow Fungus Lotus Root Soup This size is good for 3-4 adults. Slow boiled lotus roots and white snow fungus. Added seedless red dates and mock meat balls. Priced at $5.
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