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Hot Pot Set Price is reasonable especially using burpple beyond is definitely so worth it. So many varieties of soup base to choose.. nice!
What I had in my hot pot? I’ve ordered Korean kimchi soup and requested for less chilli. A marriage of kimchi and chicken soup sounds good! The service crew was attentive and offered to add more chicken soup on my visit when the soup is running low. Did I saw wagyu chunk eye roll? Nom noms! The tender and marbled Wagyu beef simply do wonders to our hot pot. I’ve also noticed that the meat is freshly sliced upon order on our visit. . Read on . Make your reservations via @quandoo_sg now! . . Where to dine? City Hot Pot One Raffles Place, 04-26/27/28, Singapore 048616
If you’re a hot pot lover and work in the CBD, check out City Hot Pot at wallet-friendly prices. We have ordered their popular set B (S$59.99 for 2 pax) that comes with 10 items including Wagyu chunk eye roll, pork collar, fish fillet, prawns, prawn paste, luncheon meat, crab stick, vegetable platter, mushroom combo and one staple. There are 12 different soup bases to choose from the classic chicken soup, Sichuan spicy, Thai Tom yum soup, tomato to Korean kimchi soup to the recommended fish soup (+S$1), bak kut teh (+S$2), prawn (+S$3) soup. At City Hot Pot, we were served individual hot pot. That’s hassle-free as my friend is allergic to seafood while I’m a big fan of seafood! Each set meal is inclusive of a variety of sauces and appetisers. . Read on . Make your reservations via @quandoo_sg now! . Where to dine? City Hot Pot One Raffles Place, 04-26/27/28, Singapore 048616
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Burpple 1:1 We took the chicken pot 1:1. We added ingredient. We choose mushroom chicken pot and a spicy chicken pot. The mushroom chicken pot, we added instant noodles and it was sooo good. The spicy pot on the other hand was just spicy. Do order the mushroom chicken pot and tell them to make it spicy if you love the heat like I do.
For 1-for-1 Chicken Pot (S) (save ~$20) Hanging out at Bugis with the crew? This Sichuan joint's got some mean mala dishes that will satiate cravings. Get the 'Numbing and Fiery' flavoured House Special Chicken Pot ($20) to share, where tender chicken sits in a thick and fragrant spicy sauce with a generous amount of peppercorn stalks (making it extra numbing!). Photo by Burppler Melissa Chee
For The Ma La Lovers - Numbing & Fiery Chicken Pot (Small, $20) The Chicken Pots come in three sizes - small, medium & large. The small one costs $20 and is valid for Burpple Beyond redemption - yay! Just a look at the Numbing & Fiery pot and you can tell it’s gonna be numbing with those generous stalks of peppercorns. We opted for the 小辣 as we weren’t sure how hot it would be, and didn’t want to unknowingly torture our stomachs at 10pm. Turns out we needn’t have worried about the spiciness, because the numbing taste was what we should’ve looked out for. The portion in the small pot was pretty good for one person and it was very cheap with the 1 for 1 redemption. There’s only chicken in the pot, but it’s tender and super flavourful. You can add on ingredients to cook (you can DIY or ask the staff to put it in directly when serving), which soaks up the amazing flavours. Would recommend putting in some beancurd skin especially if you love ma la cos it soaks up the taste pretty well! It’s worth noting that the service here is great - friendly, super attentive and helpful, they even switched to English when conversing when we had confused faces on. Would totally go back to Fat Bird not just for their hotpots, but for their Main Dishes too!
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Goro Goro Buffet Korean buffet at goro goro! At affordable prices. Foods are fresh too. A cozy place that is suitable for gathering with your loved ones.
Happy Midweek!! 🎉 Hope it has been a good week so far for everyone 😊 School sem just started so I'm trying to re-familiarise with my identity as a student. Hoping to manage all aspects of my life as well as, if not better than last sem! Be in control of things that i can be control of and to let nature take its course for those beyond my control. . 學期第一週的週三沒上課,但今天為了宗教和社團回了學校。連續三個學期因為課表無法參與到的校園懇談,不僅可以有空去了,還成為了策畫人之一。隨機安排之下遇到了四位都很內向的懇談組員。有好有壞吧,好是他們性格蠻相似,講的點也比較有共鳴。壞就是我需要更費力炒熱氣氛🤣 幸好在社團會議之前有獨處時間,讓我充電。找了自己喜歡的小角落,回了電郵,交代了一些事,搞定了社團會議要用到的遊戲和PPT,還有幫阿姨處理一些文件。4小時時間很快就過去了呢~ 雖然因各種原因出席率下降,但社團活動整體來說挺順利的。問了一下誰想要報名參加,結果在場的幾乎全舉手了。期待大家踴躍的報名和下週的面試!也希望自己有智慧選擇對的成員加入這次的海外義工項目。有價值的東西,是值得堅持付出的❤️ #慧思敏語
Hui Min
Korean Style Wide range of COOKED food to choose from; their chicken wings😍 Also quite a lot of varieties to choose from too. Rating 8/10
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Mookata Buffet @ $53/2 pax 😋😋 They’re currently having a promotion at $53 nett/2 people or $26.90/person!! Not sure how long their promotion is for (so call up before going down) but it’s super worth it 😍😍 Salted egg cheese is easily the best cheese pull in Singapore and it tasted so so good with bits of curry leaves and strong hints of salted egg, all masked in a scrambled-egg-looking cheese. The mookata comes in a grill with 4 side slots, of which 3 can be different cheeses (salted egg cheese, truffle cheese, mozzarella cheese, ladyboy cheese, in descending order of bombziness) and the last being grilled egg (light taste was good for neutralizing the greasiness so can eat more!!). The variety was decent with 3 main categories. Category 1 (cheap ingredients) with vegetables, 3 types of mushrooms, maggi mee and rice. Category 2 (cheap meat ish things) with cheese tofu, different types of cheese balls (so so), pork collar, pork belly and quail eggs. Category 3 (the goods) with lamb rack, beef, chicken, smoked duck, salmon, clams, scallops and imitation abalone. Felt that the seafood wasn’t great except the salmon, and the beef, pork collar and chicken (takes long to cook tho) definitely tasted better (especially with the cheese). MVP of the meal still goes to the salted egg cheese which made everything taste amazing 😋😋 As if all these wasn’t enough, the meal comes with free flow super sweet drinks (thai milk tea, green tea milk tea, lemon tea) and ice cream (chocolate, raspberry ripple, mint, yam, blueberry). Pretty worth it meal with amazing superb service and no time limit. Location is near the supper stretch and opens till late as well! Free parallel parking around the area on weekends too 💯💯 Ambience might be a little hot and ventilation wasn’t great, but definitely a great spot to pig out and roll around in endless cheese 🐽🧀
Cheesy Mookata There was a wide variety of dishes and meat to choose from and the cheese was good too! The buffet includes free flow drinks and ice cream which makes it a pretty good deal!
Cray Slayyy (~$30) Ah 😍 ladyboy's buffet sends you to heaven with the free flow of crayfish here!! Well, that's basically what I filled 90% of my stomach space with, heh. The rest of the choices for bbq were adequate, so don't ask for much.
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