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Best Egg Prata Must order their egg prata! It is crispy and I love the texture. Eat it with the fish curry!
Plaster Blaster $5.50 My first time trying this and was very intrigued by having a cafe looking eggs bene on a prata. Kind of got sick of the taste after a while. But I think this is worth a try for sure 馃憤馃徎
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Ultimate Murtabak ($12.90), Umami-50 ($8.90), Salted Egg Prawn Prata ($10.90) My go-to place whenever I鈥檓 craving Indian! Their ultimate hawkerfest creations are literally the only thing you need to order here, especially the murtabaks!! 馃槏馃槏 Other things like maggi goreng, thosai, sambal egg etc are nothing spectacular. Umami-50 > ultimate > salted egg prawn basically, but if it鈥檚 your first time, the ultimate Murtabak is the basic go-to Springleaf must-eat. It鈥檚 really the ultimate Murtabak with the generous amount of tandoori chicken and cheese. But for a more interesting flavour explosion, try the umami-50! Truly umami with the spam, mayo and pork floss combi that is truly oh so good?? 馃い馃い Salted egg prawn was not too bad and very generous with the salted egg paste, but can get a little jelat after a while. Might be a little pricier but defo worth every penny, especially with the aircon environment, fast service (don鈥檛 be intimidated by the crowd) and free flow fish and chicken curry, what more can one ask for 馃槶馃槶 Also, got all these at $25 off when I used GrabFood to eat at the restaurant itself 馃槀馃槀
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Paper Thosai Masala Chicken ($7.90) I have cravings for Muslim Indian food on some late nights after work, and Ariff鈥檚 is one that I can head to on the way home home. The air-conditioned restaurant in Kallang Bahru is supposedly open 24 hours every day(? Online searches gave various timings). : I love how their menu is so extensive that I need at least 5 minutes to read through everything before I can decide. I was juggling between kothu prata and murtabak before this paper thosai chicken masala caught my eye, and boy was I in for a treat. I stared at the arm-long thosai for a good 15 seconds before I attacked the crispy thin crust at the sides, dipping the pieces into the thick sambar/dhal. It never cease to amaze me how people manage to achieve such a thin intact layer almost to breaking point. The big portion of the masala chicken is inside the roll, and that鈥檚 where the real heat is at. The spice-coated chicken chunks negated the air-conditioning in the room, turning the sweat tap on, though my tongue was enjoying the momentary bursts of flames. This was definitely overly ambitious for a single person - I left probably 40% of the crepe on the plate. Masochistic as this sounds, I am looking forward to getting burned again. #BurppleSGLateNight
銆愷煃婃瘡骞村垵浜岀殑鏃╅馃銆慚y family鈥檚 standard breakfast on second day of CNY銆 #foodstagram #indianfood #prata #tissueprata #foodporn #sgfood #sgfoodies #instafood #instafoodie #burpple #burpplesg
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Banana Prata ($3.20+) Needed something extra after lunch, a little on the sweet side 馃槄
Tea O Limau - The Origins Of Citrus Tea Not many drink stall in Singapore sell this kind of beverage anymore. Reason is simply there are too many alternative that has make some old school drink disappear. Tea O limau - translate is black tea with lime. It can be serve hot or cold though and before we have ice lemon tea ; this is a common drink served in Singapore and even in Malaysia. Citing lemon is considered a luxury item that this is how the original citrus tea began. The tea base is black or red tea and 3 whole limes partially slice and squeeze the juices to infused with the tea. Ironically it must be 3 limes no more or less in order to achieve the fusion of lime and hot tea and stir in a dash of sugar and is a perfect drink in humid weather and to wash down oiliness of food. The same can be serve cold and process is repeated with final step to add in ice but not my preference as it dilute the tea when ice melts. Do try it next time if you are new to Singapore local drinks Srisun is opened 24 hours
Loli Pop Chicken Drumlets - Olof School Tuck shop Taste Srisun serve quite a variety of chicken meat dishes from butter chicken to tandoori chicken. What鈥檚 stands out is this dish - Loli Pop Chicken. Price at 6 dollars with 8 drumlets is a steal and the marinating applied to meat reminds us the taste of primary school tuckshop Malay chicken wings. Skill to partial debone a mid size drumlets is pleasant sight which makes holding it easy.The meat is fragrant yet tender n moisture are locked within meat so is not dry and make this dish addictive. Srisun opens 24 hours and serve a variety of Indian Muslim food
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