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Fish Soup Like None Other $10 Babasan’s modern take on the OL staple is interesting, with a flavoursome fish broth made from a mixture of fish stocks poured over Japanese rice. What differs markedly is the addition of deep-fried crumbed fish, lightly battered tofu cubes, cherry tomatoes, black fungus and bonito, which added a welcome combination of textures and variety to what can sometimes be a rather boring dish for me if not executed well. I enjoyed it on the whole, but the fish fillet veered too much towards the frozen variety for my liking. One of 3 dishes currently on their $10 set lunch menu, it comes with hojicha, bottled water or soda, which makes it quite value for money.
Samurai Kueh Pie Tee Samurai Kueh Pie Tee ($8) . Tried out the newly open @babasan.sg and was rather impressed with their fushion menu sparking much creativity that works. The interresting kueh pie tee has been given an uplift with the usual radish filling being replaced with a mix of coleslaw, unagi, tobiko and bonito. The result is a much more flavourful KPT than the usual. Aside from this, the mains are also worth exploring as they marry very local fare into dishes like ramen and roasted pork belly. With #burpplebeyond ,it’s even more worth a try!
So Good, Highly Recommend! Babasan really does fusion really well, everything I’ve tried’s been real impressive Belly Roll Mee, $13 (front) Category: Main Rate: 10/10 Visual: 10/10 Wow Factor: 10/10 Review: The Chefs really did it!! Their take on the classic Porchetta using Mee Siam as the stuffing, is really something else!! Very interesting dish, sounds odd but tastes Amazing. Is a must try when u come here!! This fusion food is so well thought out and really different from the rest!! Oversized Salmon Skin, $11 (back) Category: Appetiser Rate: 10/10 Visual: 10/10 Wow Factor: 9/10 Review: another must try! Didnt think getting salmon skin for an appetiser would’ve been worth it but after the chef’s recommendation and trying it for ourselves, the crabmeat Ikura wasabi dip is what rly makes this dish different from other restaurants. (Tho the salmon skin itself was pretty oily) Buah Keluak Wok Hei Fried Rice with Chicken, $10 (left) Category: Main Rate: 9/10 Visual: 8/10 Wow Factor: 9/10 Review: first time trying a Buak Keluak dish so reviews are not comparing to other Buah Keluak dishes but the wok hey is real! Every rice grain was nicely coated and an interesting taste! Huevos Carbreados, $14 (I think) (right) Category: Appetiser Rate: 8/10 Visual: 9/10 Taste: 100% resemblance to Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fries version Wow Factor: 8/10 Ingredients: Homemade chilli and garlic mayo, chicken, onsen egg, sloshed over shoestring fries. Review: The fusion of the earthly ginger tgt with Chicken with fries is truly amazing!! Am a fan of the Hainanese Ginger taste as it makes eating a bowl of fries feel less sinful. Note that having the chicken and sauce on top of the fries make them soggy quickly so don’t spend too long taking photos, eat! Ended off with Dessert (not included in BB) Yuzu Muah Chee, $12 Category: Dessert Rate: 7/10 Visual: 9/10 Ingredients: Oversized yuzu infused muah chee with soy bean and sour plum powder, served with coconut icecream Wow Factor: 7/10 Review: Claims it’s good for 2 but Actly more than enough for 3 cause having dessert after all that good food, and muah chee in general’s also pretty filling. Really a fan of muah Chee but it did get a bit gelak towards the end. The flavour profile’s also pretty confusing with all the infused flavours... Overall, the mains are their specialty and the food is really worth travelling down for! Will come back to try the others
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Go-to Jap Comfort Food Back here twice already, and will readily recommend it if you want a solid don. With a group of friends, it was great to share all their signature dishes The ever tantalising Signature Truffle Wagyu Don, where you can smell the truffle permeating the air. My slight grip is that it can get salty after awhile, but wobbly fragrant egg, check, generous tender beef slices checked, happiness checked. ($21.90 for Large) Our next favourite is the mentaiko salmon don ($18.90 for R) with a slight scorched taste. The barachirashi ($17.90 for R) and spicy salmon don ($17.90 for R) was alright too, but the spiciness for the salmon don comes from the little chili, so be warned. Thankful for pocket friendly dons, but do go for the regular or large sizes if you are famished. Its also on BB!
mmyuM 33 rating same as alw 4 mi!~ has becAme a goto bowl plAce bcoX v hearty! plus anothur featuRe oF a mR G! he rates it a 7.5/11 DIDnT give a lot of deets abT hiS experience derE buT by d lookS of hiS emptY bowL @ d enD, i hv concluded tT it iS a yum! sad thAt thiS is d lAst 141 (sorry ningZ) buT wuLd still come bck 2 this loVely truffle smiaoling plAce ~
Salmon mentaiko don $28 for Regular but available on BBeyond 1 for 1. It made me meet up 3x in a month with a friend that i wouldn't meet under normal circumstances, just so that i could share the benefits of her Bbeyond. After she uses her last voucher here (i hope its with me), i will sign up for beyond and enjoy the deals with someone else. 4.8/5 (not a fan of cucumbers)
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Truffle Fries Gave in to temptation and ordered the yummy fragrant truffle fries for $11 nett. Ahhh I love fries! A bit pricey but that’s the price everywhere I guess?
Truffle Bacon Mushroom & Tomyum Seafood Truffle Mushroom Bacon Farfalle (but we changed it to Tagliatelle) was creamy and generously cooked with lots of mushrooms and bacon! Tomyum Seafood had a little sour spicy kick with 2 prawns, 2 mussels and a few clams. Very filling as well. Each dish is $17 but with BB 1 for 1, it is $17 for both! Very worth and also happy to announce that service charge & GST are already included. However, do note that Beef Ragu (a pasta dish) is not applicable under BB. Wanted to try that initially. :( Location is a bit out of the way and it closes early at 9pm but would go back again to try other food!
Good Cafe Food #BurppleBeyond 1-1 Chicken Overload $16 Carbonara Farfalle $16 Crowded on a Saturday afternoon. Cafe has warm lighting and soothing ambience. Staffs were friendly and efficient. Chicken Overload is an innovative dish. Fried chicken with mushroom sauce but more like soup? With mash potato and some greens. Chicken was tender and juicy, went well with the mushroom sauce and the mash potato. Combination of flavours was surprisingly pleasant. Dish was very filling too. Carbonara Farfalle was a fairly safe dish, better than average. It was creamy and rich with ample amount of bacon. Mixing the egg yolk from the poached egg with the pasta made it perfect. No GST and service charge. Definitely will be back to try others, one of my favourite Beyond deal.
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Truffle Angus Beef Don Super value for money especially with the Burpple deal! Generous portion of beef, flamed torched to perfection, complimented by the fragrance of truffle.
Garlic Butter Donburi The butter melted quickly, taste of the garlic was strong. Beef was tender and portion was generous. The egg, beef and garlic butter compliment each other well. Worth the 1 for 1.
Truffle Cream Salmon ($15.90) The Japanese phrase will tell you that you have three faces, the first one you show to the world, the second you show to your family, and the last you never show to anyone. The third one is often said to be the 'truest' reflection of who you are. In my case, the third face mirrors that of a simian ape on a cocaine and adrenaline overdose. - 📍 THE PLACE A pleasant little joint on the ground floor of The Cathay building, dim lighting and an island-seating concept that is aptly shaped like a scaled-down Noah’s Ark, this time without the animals and with more sashimi. - 🍽 THE FOOD 1️⃣ Wagyu Truffle Beef Don ($23.90) - the staple of practically every mid-scaled donburi joint at the moment, this did not fall below nor exceed expectations 2️⃣ Truffle Cream Salmon ($15.90) - I have a personal bias for the flaky, clean maritime flavours of salmon paired with a cream-based sauce of any kind, so add truffle into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a winner of a donburi 3️⃣ Premium Kaisen Don ($25.90) - it comes in a miniature replica of the scaled-down Noah’s Ark previously mentioned. The entertainment value of that alone is worth half the price 4️⃣ Hotate Mentai ($8) - interesting take on a scallop carpaccio with the addition of cornflakes for a textural contrast - 🤔 THE VERDICT It’s a sushi bar in a boat, that’s gotta be on your bucket list, right?
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